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Winston "Gypsy" Peters | Calypso Fiesta 2016 *Toilet Paper*

TUCO Calypso Fiesta 2016 Winston "Gypsy" Peters #triniweglobal Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2016

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Comment by Kathleen Majorie Williams on February 7, 2016 at 11:40pm

Much is being written about the reactions of fans to Gypsy at Calypso Fiesta in Skinner Park last Saturday.  The consensus seems to be that the crowd's objection to Gypsy was solely political but I was present at the Fiesta and many of the persons with whom I interacted had very different reasons for their outrage. 

One woman reminded me that Gypsy had once sung a calypso called "Ram it" about the rape of an East Indian woman, who, during the rape kept crying for her husband Ram.  Her cries were misunderstood by her rapist who took this for encouragement and became more vicious in his attack. As a person who had witnessed the life-shattering effect of rape, the woman was revolted by the fact that anyone would trivialize rape enough to attempt to make a joke of the subject in calypso.  She has despised Gypsy ever since.

Other persons present alleged that Gypsy had fathered several children with a few different women.  This makes him  the same kind of irresponsible, neglectful, absentee father that he claims is the root cause for the creation of the kind of "little black boys" of whom he sings.  It is further alleged that at least two of his sons are in prison for criminal activity.   He is therefore viewed as a self-hating hypocrite by men who are exemplary husbands and fathers.   Gypsy should only sing his "black  boy" songs while looking in a mirror.

Things are not always as they seem.

Comment by DIANE M GALLOWAY Gomez on February 7, 2016 at 9:30pm

He should have stick to calypso and stay out of politics.

Comment by tony weekes on February 5, 2016 at 11:38pm

Gypsy is right on target again. His lyrics on this one is similar to the ever popular (Little Black Boy). Are the Blacks folks listening. I strongly believe that self respect within oneself and with the family has gone down considerably.Come on Black Man, straighten up. Listen to Gypsy's words and live the life as a true winner.

Tony Weekes



Comment by Patrice Lumumba on February 1, 2016 at 7:13pm

Beautiful song  by Gypsy. Those jackarses waving  the toilet paper are the same ones who support  those  calypsonians that have bankrupted  the calypso tents by making Indians  feel uncomfortable hence  their exit with their money. Gypsy although  he  has renounced his membership with the UNC is still being treated horribly because of his former  democratic political choice. Calypso Fiesta is really  a PNM convention but look how  stupid these toilet-waving PNM  supporters look with the cancellation of  their big fundraising PNM fete.They only know  how  to destroy not  to build.

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