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It could be in the best interest of the CIP if they try to get the large bands to boycott panorama, this is Pan Trinbago bread basket take it away and they are dead in the water. The Big5 alone could scuttle panorama why not involve them, we know they said they are not in competition with PT but the present situation require radical moves. Going into another carnival season with unresolved issues would be depressing.

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All bands need to boycott Panorama. The issues affect all bands. They should have done it last year..
The pan community needs to stand up as a community to move forward. But i don't know,, maybe they have another plan.

Yes, Ashley: They should have done it last year -- but they DID NOT. I see that you are following the TING.

Nobody eh boycotting nothing. As soon as the new songs for next year get released, and PANORAMA FEVER get in man head -- ALL TALK about BOYCOTT done. Watch and see!!!

Beyond that, DOCTOR DOLLY needs a successful carnival and she will ensure that PANORAMA (The Marquee Event) takes place in its full splendour.

Don't expect any other plan!!!

No one is brave enough to go hard against Diaz, this is why he is still the boss, he said NCC has the gate receipts for 2017 panorama so ask them to pay pan people.

Down in Trinidad PAN MEN love Keith Diaz to the bone. He is like a COMMANDER IN CHIEF -- a Nicolás Maduro. So nobody eh going hard against that man. Is only a few radicals here and there who opposing THE WORLD'S GREATEST POLITICIAN.

Cecil: How you like how the KEITH DIAZ propaganda machinery turn the tide against the CIP MARCHERS at the EMANCIPATION DAY CEREMONY?

On a sacred and holy day like this for BLACK PEOPLE in Trinidad, when their freedom from the inhumanity of slavery was being celebrated and reflected upon -- how dare these self-serving CIP miscreants bring their ill-conceived MARCH AGAINST Pan Trinbago into such a spiritual sphere for the AFRO-TRINIDADIAN?

Shame! Shame! Shame!

If Keith Diaz is not the greatest politician the world has ever seen -- I don't know who is!!!

Now the CIP definitely eh marching NO MORE!!!

Aquil better leave that politics alone and FOCUS ON THE PAN ... come to America and study some JAZZ and BLUES, do a little touring with some seasoned African American musicians and then he shining like the brightest star in the sky -- SIRIUS!!!

Allyuh forgetting what happen this/last year!!! Once Dane Gulston start hanging with the CIP and threatening boycott -- ALL STARS put out a BIG DISCLAIMER stating that THEY WILL BE PLAYING IN THE PANORAMA. Dey eh in the boycott ting.

Then look who was in front of ALL STARS for PANORAMA -- more focused on the camera than playing the PAN.

We have to see BEHAVIOUR for WHAT IT IS and not WHAT we would like it to be.

So dem BIG 5 eh giving up dey PANORAMA money and SPONSOR cash infusion at CARNIVAL!!!

The CIP has lost the support of the people, they try to play it safe, who want to wait around till Oct.2018 to remove Diaz and Company? They still have an opportunity to appeal to bands to boycott. Strong leadership is what's needed, now is the time to get radical. The longer Diaz stays in office the stronger he becomes .

What is interesting today is the Big5 can be leaders here, if they say boycott most bands will follow, they have the power to shape the future of the steelband movement, I'm sure the management of these bands realize this. It may not be what they started out to accomplish, but shit happens.

Cecil: It's two weeks now and I have been waiting. But I expected to see the BIG 5 take out a page in the newspapers or hold a press conference or issue a press release THANKING the 3000 people who attended the show and the SPONSORS and DOCTOR DOLLY and the GUEST ARTISTES for the support. And giving out some kind of NUMBERS so we could get a measure of success and future plans.

This I thought would have encouraged the BROADER AUDIENCE to stay focused on the group and treat them as a new part of the STEELBAND LANDSCAPE.

Now they are leaving me to speculate that there might be some internal friction already.

The BIG 5 cannot and will not BOYCOTT Panorama.

Keith Diaz still have the PANORAMA MONEY tie up in court: THAT IS WICKEDNESS!!!

Whey dem long time steelband men gone?

So Mi Amigo, it was NOT, as successful as you thought it might have been hum, what does dat tells U ??? and don't worry too much, some of us ole pan men are still here...

The NCC has the money from the 2017 gate receipts .

The court case remains pending with the last hearing being on July 29 and the case being adjourned to October 10?????????

Mi Amigo, Don't be surprised if they do not, get paid at all until maybe next year ??? every body want's a piece of the PAN PIE, that's their OBJECTIVE...


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