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A message for the BACK TO THE FUTURE forumites from someone ON THE GROUND who has lived the LIFE OF PAN

WST - "Can the steelband return to "the road" for Carnival Monday and Tuesday, in force?

Carol-Ann A. - "I don't know that the Steel Bands can return to the road in full force. Speaking from my experience with Harvard Harps, we come out on J'ouvert and Monday night, we're pulled by a wrecker and it's very expensive. So if we had to come out both days all day, we couldn't afford it, and, we would definitely have TO PAY PLAYERS so that would cost even more"  

So let us start looking forward and stop looking BACKWARD!!! Pan on the road for Carnival ROLLING ON THE GROUND is HISTORY!!!

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there might be a Way but thereisnt the Will,

Good one Bede!!! A way with NO WILL!!!

Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember

Hollis Clifton: In all my years on this forum that is the most concise and insightful and sociologically astute comment I have ever read!!!

And you did it in TEN WORDS!!!

Ah want to take some WRITING LESSONS from you!!! What is your HOURLY RATE?

We can go forward, how 'bout enclosed air-conditioned trailers with speakers on the outside? Sometimes I wonder if people are really satisfied with "pans in the air". Either which way, we jamming still.
I prefer pan on the road though.

Mr. Patrick Ramdoo: After you and Cecil set up the TIME MACHINE to take you back to the SIXTIES -- pass and pick me up. But I don't want to go back to TRINIDAD in the SIXTIES pushing PAN on the road (ah paying short fare). Just drop me off in California circa 1995 before the 8 million Illegal Mexicans started coming across the border with the 100 billion a year drug trade and making another three million illegal babies. And systematically started to run all the Blacks and poor and middle class Whites out of the state creating NEW MEXICO II!!!

All ah we have problems

It eh you alone

But we just can't let them

Wear we to the bone ... ah little bit of ROOTSMAN

Senor Claude Gonzales: Be careful with satire; too many people just don't get it! Just in case, though: Allyuh should know that what is now the state of NEW MEXICO, straddling the Rio Grande between Arizona and Texas, was colonized by Spanish people from what is now (old) Mexico in the early 1500s. Of course the Pueblo peoples got sick of being colonized and drove them back south in 1680. Only to have them reconquer a few years later. So now New Mexico, a state since 1910, is majority-minority. We does get along fine, like the Sparrow song has it. But pan is hardly known here. Very sad.

Best regards,


P.S. Babies made in the USA are automatically citizens.

Claude, as long as you can push ah rack, yuh good to go. We could drop you off in California or even Couva.

patrick, we could find a way to move the pans on the ground and get young people to play,  all that's needed is the correct plan.

The EXPATS Pan Pushers Association is being formed.
That's a great move.
Claude as soon as allyuh formulate ah plan,send me a copy..

Oswald, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ TALK.


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