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Ah want ALL THE CAMPAIGNS to know that I am a FREE AGENT!!! So anybody who is LOOKING for a BIG TIME CAMPAIGN MANAGER in the last TWO WEEKS of this election knows where to find me!!!

NO CHARGE for my SERVICES. Just sign a contract to give me an OFFICIAL TITLE of "GLOBAL MARKETING DIRECTOR FOR STEELBAND MUSIC AND PERFORMANCE" (and I need to have a vice president named MERCER RAMDOO) and build me a WEBSITE to my specifications and I will pay the monthly HOSTING FEES. And throw in the RIGHTS to produce a GREATEST HITS PANORAMA CD -- ah only want like 10 percent off the top from all sales ... and I paying for the PRODUCTION OF THE CD out of my own pocket.

Ah I eh providing no BIG CV and RESUME and all dem kinda ting yuh know. All I have to say is that I HELP TRUMP win the LAST ELECTION. And IF that cyar convince allyuh -- well I am in the WRONG CHURCH and the WRONG PEW.

Me eh like DIAZ and FORTEAU and SHEPPARD and JOSEPH with a 99 to 1 split. I could settle for a 10 to 90 split.

Well, after I see that BEAUTIFUL GIRLFRIEND that MARCUS ASH HAVE, ah might have to do some FURTHER NEGOTIATION but I am putting MY APPOINTMENT FIRST -- for now!!!

Man ah see some people real trying to take down BEVERLEY on ah FACEBOOK SITE -- but ah steering clear of that GUTTER SNIPING. Although I am 100 percent sure that things are going to get REAL UGLY in these LAST TWO WEEKS.

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Ah kinda feeling sorry for DENISE and BEVERLEY because they are NEW TO THE POLITICS. And ah know allyuh go call me SEXIST for saying this: As women, they DO NOT UNDERSTAND the DESPERATION that lurks in the hearts of EVIL MEN like FORTEAU and SHEPPARD and JOSEPH.

Yuh can't fight FATHER NATURE!!! Shoot I think that I flubbed that line. But ah think that the ONLY MAN on THIS FORUM who catch THAT LINE for its comedic and intrinsic value is MARCUS ASH!!!

And I have been thinking about ORSON ROGERS all day long. Because although I don't know A THING about that man -- he has managed to convince me (from his postings) that he really LOVES PAN and CARES ABOUT PAN PROGRESS.

And after all the BIG PRESENTATIONS by ALL THE TEAMS -- not ONE CANDIDATE could give a decent answer to ORSON ROGERS on ANY TOPIC.

Yuh see!!! That is why I love being a CYNIC. Because you eh never looking for nothing good to come from this PAN TRINBAGO CIRCUS; and yuh DONE KNOW that NOTHING GOOD WILL COME from this PAN TRINBAGO CHARADE!!!

So there is NO DISAPPOINTMENT or STRESS to boggle your mind. Dem CANDIDATES could PREACH PAUL but I eh BELIEVING THEM AT ALL!!!


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