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Aquil Arrindell: Ah glad yuh come on the forum tonight and gave me some support. Is me alone fighting this $500 battle by myself!!!

Aquil: All ah dem men on this forum who swear they have the interest of the PAN PLAYERS they clam up and shut up and have nothing to say in the heat of the battle. All they care about is PANORAMA and anytime they see any kind ah threat to that event dey does get scared and start putting the PAN PLAYERS in second place just like Keith Diaz.

Diaz send MICHAEL JOSEPH to blame Kenny De Silva and the NCC for the $500 RIP OFF -- but I know better than that. Anyway, ah like how you and Gregory fight yesterday and how allyuh continuing the battle. Diaz sacrifice PAN PLAYERS $500 to square his debt and now he thinks that he got a brand new slate and ready to start another round of corruption. But if we all make moves in our individual style we could take him down.

Ah spend all day fanning these flames in support of you and Gregory and none ah these so-called PAN LOVERS on this forum eh give meh no help. But that is OKAY!!! Is long time now I fighting Diaz from this platform and he BONG TO FALL at some point.

Gregory say two more moves and DIAZ gone; ah hope he right. Now you doh want to be NO PRESIDENT but I want my appointment as EXPAT GLOBAL MARKETING DIRECTOR FOR PAN MUSIC. And if ah doh get it then ah coming down to Trinidad and make some signs and protest allyuh in ah ONE MAN SHOW just like how Gregory Lindsay was doing.

Ah dying to see them TWO MOVES from Gregory Lindsay and then DIAZ CHECKMATE!!!

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well i not sure what those moves are but Lindsay is a soldier so i down with him. when the new administration comes in, if they don't make you the EMDPM i will take the CIP back down to there meetings and mash it up. just for you. lol. 


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