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COURTNEY LEIBA: I would like you to come on this FORUM and tell your EXPAT PAN STORY!!!

Imagine that you went ALL THE WAY to AUSTRALIA to promote the PAN -- successfully!!! And there are THOUSANDS of people like you (TRINI EXPATS) all over the world who have contributed to MAKING pan a GLOBAL PHENOMENON.

Actually, I would like ALL EXPATS around the world who have contributed to PAN (even if you put a DOLLAR in a TIN CUP) to come and tell their stories about their contributions to PAN.

And those of you who feel who don't feel comfortable enough to express themselves on the forum -- you could contact me personally and tell me the story and I will present it for you ... with a little embellishment.

I am sure that there are TENS OF THOUSANDS of PAN STORIES around the GLOBE that could startle the 50,000 readers on WHEN STEEL TALKS.

Even if you never personally contributed and you know someone who did -- come and give us a report!!!

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Come on Caspar!!! Come and tell your stories!!! Let bygones be bygones! Turn a new leaf!!! Go with the flow!!! Don't be shy!!!

C'mon Junior, I'm sure you have a lot to say. Bring it.

Caspar, you really are.

I would contact you soon. I am now on Holidays in Hawaii.

God Bless.



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