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Who do you believe was left out of Panorama finals but should have made it? And why?

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Hey Bugs; what do u expect roses and champagne??? these ppl r on their own agenda...

JJJ: Ah thought yuh supposed to be getting rid of KEITH DIAZ -- ah eh seeing NO RESULTS. Hurry up, MAN!

Aye Bugs, I find Fonclaire had a good tune and they executed it well, they should have made it. As to why they were left out, It's because we are from SOUTH.

Aye, Cecil: I find that MIA laid her music out so thoughtfully and so methodically and so sophisticatedly that she should have made it to the finals. Allow her to showcase her musical depth to the world on the BIG STAGE.

Claude, do you really think Mia band deserve a spot in the final? this is her first year, let her grow and soon she'll EARN that spot.

Just like Andy, but a lil faster, eh?

Patrick: MUSICAL EDUCATION!!! Doh get me me wrong because I LOVE THE NOISE!!!

IZATRINI but the GLOBAL SCENE is a different story!!!!

Could it not be because of the "same old, same old" Ces?

bugs: ah glad yuh put up this topic. Ah put up ah post accusing the judges of OMISSION and people misread it and accuse me of accusing the judges of "TEEFING" -- which I never did. Now you know that my constant cry on this forum (for years on end) is promoting the PAN MUSIC GLOBALLY and when I see a rare local talent with the POTENTIAL to take PAN MUSIC GLOBAL then I am ready to push my agenda with full force. That is the PRINCIPLE under which I would have liked to see the judges just tilt a little towards!!!

Palatable music is not the order of the day. Jam, jam, noise, noise is what's ingrained in our DNA so limitations abound.

I got to agree with this sentiment so far. I ent listened to all the bands, nor even the calypso songs they chose. What I have heard is lotta simple lyric and dance repetition wine de bumsie type stuff. Not really enough going on to stretch into a 10minute musical arrangement! "Good Morning" is a great example, as it seems lotta bands chose it to play. Why not it is a simple song, but I ent hear anything that did much art with such a limited ting.

Everybody that deserves to be there is there , in all competitions there is a first and a last
A bottom and a top and all cannot be there on the top, there were some good arrangements
And then there was just the same old stuff regurgitating from years pasted.
Same run and crescendos that makes no sense, these so call accomplish arrangers are not being creative
Musically at all, the only really different piece I heard this season is coming out of All Stars pan yard where all the pans played the same phrase no rhythm and into the chorus, that was for me the highlight of the rama..


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