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Earl Richards: If there was a NATION against NATION Panorama, who do you think will win?


The 100 best players (representative players) from each NATION playing ONE TUNE OF CHOICE (any musical genre). A panel of International judges with this TELEVISION BASED EVENT. Each band plays in front of a LIVE LOCAL audience beaming PAN to the WORLD.

LAS VEGAS SPORTS BOOK giving odds!!! Major companies buying advertising!!! Talent Agencies booking the winning band for a WORLD TOUR!!!

Sweet dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree!!!

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France ??
Canada ??

Claude I asked myself which nation has the best Pan Players, the best tuners, the best arrangers, the best tonal quality.and I came up with the nation that boast they are the mecca of Pan Trinidad and Tobago. Now I think this question was answered when Pantrinbago hosted the International  Conference of Panorama (ICP) in 2015.

This is NOT about individual steelbands like the ICP -- the 100 BEST PLAYERS from every NATION.

100 best players from the nation of Trinidad and Tobago would come from several different band in T&T, Lets say 5 of the best players from 20 bands or 10 of the best players from 10 bands with one of the top arrangers in T&T, No contest as who would be the winner. T&T by a mile. The Iron section would be loud clean and clear ask Cecil about that.

Earl: Ricardo Drue from Antigua teef we topic, boy!! But he did not develop the topic enough, so we could still bring our song for Carnival 2018 with some good developmental verses and plenty IRON JAMMING in the TUNE!!!

The US of A. Who are the judges? One from each group?

Patrick: First they have to set up a WORLD STEELBAND ORGANIZATION. Then the PERFORMANCE COMMITTEE will decide on the panel of judges. Well the US of A and Trinidad will have a real hard time REFINING down to 100 players. I am sure that you could easily find 200 TOP RATED TRINIDAD Pan Men in America and that is before you reach the UNIVERSITIES and HIGH SCHOOLS. And how yuh going to pick 100 Pan Players from Trinidad? The BIG 5 alone could produce 200 and all dem SOUTH bands go start cussing.

Boy ah never hear STUPID CALYPSO so like dem Antiguan Singers last night!!! And the microphone system in dey Panorama was THE WORST ... Bypass Antigua/Try St. Vincent or St. Lucia -- yuh remember them opening lines from that MELODY CALYPSO? Long time ah tell yuh ah is ah CALYPSO LOVER and I not in this PAN TING with all this RE-ECHOING and IRON in the band!!!

Any country could win, the arranger is key in deciding the outcome.

Cecil as you said any Country / Nation could win but the end of the question clearly stated who you think will win ?.

Earl: Ah lot of people are treating THE PAN as a MUSICAL INSTRUMENT, now. So MUSICIANS who could play THE PAN have a definite advantage if you are talking about PLAYING MUSIC.

Now CALYPSO is a different story. NOBODY in the world could play CALYPSO BETTER than WE ... the MOST EDUCATED MUSICIANS in the WORLD cannot play CALYPSO better than we.

But if the SHOW is about TUNE OF CHOICE -- then is COMPETITION FUH SO!!! Because the judges will have to compare EXCELLENCE in genre against EXCELLENCE in genre.

We may have to have a TIE for first place!!!

Speaking of Tune of choice I guess there will be Rules about what Genre of Music bands will be allowed to Play, weather it be Calypso, Soca or any genre of Music. The VENUE is also important, will each band perform in one Nation or in their own Nation and streamed to the public and Judges ?

Earl: I should have been more clear!!!! The word "PANORAMA" was misleading; one tune, ANY MUSICAL GENRE!!! Every band is playing at home before a LOCAL AUDIENCE.


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