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Revisited -- Great Live Productions - Has Soca, Calypso and Pan fallen off the wagon?

Here is another great production that sets the bar for expectations for live recorded music.

"Something" (2014 Grammy Winner for Best R & B Performance)

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This is very nice ODW

Glory (From the Motion Picture Selma) Oscar Performance...

Big time performance. Outstanding production..

Bass -- Fifi Chayeb
Drums -- Billy Cobham
Guitar -- Jean-Marie Ecay
Keyboards -- Camelia Ben Naceur
Keyboards, Violin -- Christophe Cravero
Steel Drums, Percussion -- Junior Gill

Masters of the craft!!! I have to memorize Junior Gill's name; I like that he does both PAN and PERCUSSION! This band could perform in front of any audience anywhere in the world and get a STANDING OVATION. And the PAN is in place!!!

Can anyone tell me anything about the tenor pan being played here, is it a Gill special pan? it looks nice.

The pan Junior Gill is playing was made by PanYard. You can see another picture of the instrument at this link http://www.panonthenet.com/spotlight/billycobham/cobham.htm

Sera Que No Me Amas EN VIVO/ LIVE (feat. Michael Stuart) - Tony Succar
Kid Creole & The Coconuts - Annie I'm Not Your Daddy

"Annie I'm Not Your Daddy" - '82 Live - Kid Creole & The Coconuts w/Coati Mundi - Essen Germany

I watch a performance like that and I want to cry. HONESTLY!!! I have seen so many INTERNATIONAL PERFORMERS mesmerize the world with CALYPSO MUSIC (and VARIATIONS OF CALYPSO MUSIC) but never a TRINIDADIAN at CENTER STAGE, Yet, I have been hearing the "WE SO TALENTED" line for decades from Trinidadians.

The MERRYMEN made MILLIONS taking CALYPSO MUSIC to the world and they were not very talented musicians. 

I really have to believe in reincarnation because I don't think I will ever see a POLISHED CALYPSO singer commanding a large INTERNATIONAL AUDIENCE like Kid Creole does in this video.



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