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Greetings to all members...

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Greetings and blessings to ALL...

Heal Our Land, The Concert

Felix Roach and Friends Presents a Concert of Thanksgiving and Comfort

We must thank God for what we have endured and learn to GIVE.FORGIVE and LOVE Happy Easter to ALL, May God BLESS OUR NATION!

Trevor GOD has always blessed our nation, it is us that first have to realize that we are blessed and learn to LOVE, GIVE and FORGIVE.

Cecil did you get a chance to check out Pan in A Minor @ 20:05?

odw I did, I brought in my wife and ask her if she remembered Dew Drops, they were the first to make that GrapefruitCanOPhone popular back in the day. NICE.

That was my first introduction learning to play pan on Grapefruit can.


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