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I don't understand how 20,000 members on WHEN STEEL TALKS and 10,000 PAN MEN in Trinidad plus Gregory Lindsay and Aquil Arrindell could all be THINKING the same!!!

I don't understand how ALL THESE PEOPLE could THINK that ANYBODY in this T&T Government will take any steps of any nature against KEITH DIAZ and PAN TRINBAGO. And I don't understand why Aquil Arrindell will be expecting PAN MEN to suddenly wake up on the morning of October 28th and decide that they don't want KEITH DIAZ to be PRESIDENT any more and vote THE MAN out of office.

Well, the truth is that I do understand but it is really hard to accept the understanding.

At least the BIG 5 wake up and decide that they are going to GET RID OF THE OLD THINKING. So they are providing a little hope for PAN on the local scene. But they also have to wake up and realize that they MUST ENGAGE EXPATS if they want to expand into the INTERNATIONAL MARKETS. And to tell you the truth -- I don't see them bridging that GAP.

So while I see PAN ON THE OUTSIDE expanding to the far edges of the UNIVERSE, PAN in THE MECCA will continue its stagnation under the mismanagement of KEITH DIAZ.

But we will always have THE BEST PANORAMA IN THE WORLD -- and it coming up soon too. So what allyuh want more than that????

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I don't believe the Big5 will agree to any boycott of Panorama because of the money they will loose they can never recoup.

RENEGADES sure to come THIRD. And ALL STARS have THE PANORAMA FORMULA down to a RUN; so they looking at FIRST or SECOND. And BOOGSIE could come up with a GOOD TUNE and win ANYTIME. EXODUS is on the outs these days and DESPERADOES -- I don't know about them. But you could expect FOUR BIG 5 BANDS in the first FIVE PLACES. So that is plenty money -- unless ROWLEY decide to do some real CUTTING.

Ah hear dey going and cut the PAN MEN stipend down to $250 this PANORAMA. Well, dem PAN MEN take $500 without ah grumble so they eh go make too much noise over $250.

Cecil: Ah find that the BIG 5 should be calling up people like you and Salah to discuss how they could take their INTERNATIONAL AMBITIONS to CANADA.

Boy ah try listening to some of the 2018 SOCA RELEASES but ah never hear NONSENSE like that in meh life. Man trying to sing R&B in Soca and dey doh have no voice to carry the notes and the lyrics so trite they can't even keep the listener's attention for a minute. Ah hope dem PAMNORAMA BANDS doh bring dem nonsense songs to the BIG STAGE on PANORAMA NIGHT!!!

Claude they will, that's the trend today.


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