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I respect the CIP for taking a stand, they may not be perfect but they are what we have.

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I would opine that we strive for progress, not perfection. Russell Providence's insights I view as wisdom for the ages, May all be advised accordingly.

Cecil: Who? A team of BUSINESS MEN who LOVE PAN (retired, preferably, but still with contacts in their previous companies) combined with a few EXPATS who have returned home. They also need about FIVE EXPATS located in different countries around the world. One good MARKETING AGENT (I previously drew up a profile of that person) who has connections with the LOCAL BUSINESS community. There was one A-Z item in the CIP MANIFESTO that I thought was written BACKWARDS -- so I will suggest that they FLIP IT AROUND and I will find a place for a few of them in this new organization. And we definitely need a NEW MINISTER OF CULTURE.

I eh looking for NO JOB, eh. But I will volunteer to interview ALL THE EXPAT CANDIDATES and make some recommendations.

But as one poster on this forum sarcastically said: If you did not BEAT PAN and PELT BOTTLE, you cannot run PAN TRINBAGO.

Back to reality now: KEITH DIAZ is RUNNING PANORAMA 2018 and the CIP will be on the sidelines watching while preparing for ELECTIONS 2018. Lord ah have to wait ah whole year again!!!

Even through the screen on my computer -- AS VIRTUAL AS IT IS -- I can feel the PAIN coming from RUSSELL PROVIDENCE!!! That man really LOVE PAN!!!

What always bothers me with the Steelband fraternity is, we all know, nobody want to step-up, and we bad mouth who stepping up, we gotta get over that and support those that get involve.

A few tidbits...of fact. in this full blown circus down here in the home of the sweetest of all percussive instruments. This is the situation:

The NCC Board cannot be finalized, the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Bandleaders Association have challenged NCBA to be the representative body for Mas. The matter is before the High Court and until finalized, NCC Board cannot be finalized.

Ernst and Young who were recently appointed by the State to audit the affairs of Pan Trinbago forensic audit has begun the audit... , however the Treasurer of PanTrinbago is out of the country on personal business, expected to last a week, and the Chief Administrative Officer is on Three(3) weeks leave,..as well..The Minister, I understand is very vexed and not at all pleased about this development.

Will CIP take the route similar of the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival BandLeaders Association to challenge PanTrinbago  to be the representative body for Pan, taking the matter all the way to the High Court if necessary? Time will tell...

As I understand as well the court case PanTrinbago vs NCC, has been postponed until December 01, 2017. I would further add that judgment of each case brought by PTB on its own merit, has led historically to losses at the Court, with a repetition of such seemingly perched decisions, doomed to repeat. With no money to pay phones or staff, or for heart maintenance, one can only ponder where is the money to come from.....maybe players one can presume.

I would infer that more than likely whenever a NCC board is constituted, the autonomony of the operations of any national pan competition remit would lie within the same structure as Carnival 2017 under NCC's control, inclusive of the NLCB ticketing arrangement, with a reduced technical supporting role by the governing body.

Perhaps as the organization Pan Trinbago Inc. continues to be under the details of an audit engagement  that are unknown to me, but I can only hope it extends to a forensic and management one and if it doesn't, that the preliminary findings will lead the audit team ineluctably to such.

Regarding the players, in light of the current circumstances evidenced regarding players remittances...expect nothing..

For all of the above reasons and uncertainties,..my band POWER STARS STEEL ORCHESTRA and I are out of this farscical National Competition,..and further to that, we will continue to position our orchestra towards a position of advantage and self-reliance as we prepare for our blessings in 2018 and preparation for the future of our orchestra's development..

See you on the road.....

Respectfully submitted

Thank you Mr hinkson. i thoughts exactly. That why we invite all to be apart. we don't know it all. we can't do it all and the we can't think it all. We and just ordinary pan men and women trying to make a difference by;

the thought

the will

and the action.

CIP say love in the house.

be apart of the solution not and not the problem.  

That DOCTOR DOLLY is a complete square peg in a round hole.

Mr, Claude leave my Dr. D alone. she have enough to deal with. little money in the treasury and leaders of PT living it up with tax payers money. 

After i save the day, i will ride out into the sun set with her. we will live happily ever after. lol

The Doctor just playing the hand she was dealt with.

The CIP may be a practical alternative. However, I believe that they may not have approached the issues with the intent to replace the current executive as much as they would have had to remove it. The CIP should already have had a shadow executive in place, or at least a steering committee, as that eliminates the likelihood of infighting and a jostle for positions if the current executive should abdicate. My understanding is that the current executive is legally embedded for at least the next eleven (11) months based on the information that was shared on this forum. We all know that Panorama is the primary source of income for the organization, the primary platform for exposure for the art form, the big stage that all panmen dream of conquering, therefore I believe if the CIP is to be in any position to assume responsibility for that show, that it is  absolutely necessary for them to put the necessary structure in place to be in a state of readiness to act on behalf of the pan fraternity in the event that the government refuses to trust the current administration with the subvention and disbursements for the upcoming season.

Gregory you should not be pontificating on who has what in place, you as the CIP should ensure that you have things in place to hit the ground running if the opportunity arises. It is evident that your thrust enjoys the support of the majority of the pan fraternity, you should be using this opportunity to solidify your position as an alternative by displaying your capacity to assume that position. Forget the old talk, and focus on addressing the immediate needs of the movement, and in the short term forget about the NCC and the deficiencies in the other carnival interest groups, and mobilize the resources required to stage a successful show that will in turn ensure transparency and accountability on its conclusion. If the thoughts of the major players of the CIP are not in alignment with the foregoing suggestions, it may be that you are not ready.

Russell: Long before you came on this forum and stirred up things, I have made (repeatedly) two negative comments about the CIP leadership. (This eh no CLASS ROOM as many short term posters fool themselves into believing so I am not going to go pull up old postings to prove no point. If people cannot read and remember that is DEM BUSINESS -- not mine.)

I have talked about a LIST of contenders fighting for position in the CIP leadership and how it will result in dissension and chaos if they ever come to power. People even dared me to stop the bluff or the ole talk and publish the list. But like Manning said on the election platform: Ah have it in meh back pocket.

And the second criticism I have repeated about the CIP is the communist manifesto (my exact term) the A-Z extremely impractical communist manifesto which was published on this forum. I would call it a FAIRY TALE!!!

So you could give the CIP all the advice in the world -- they are embedded in failed policy (planning) and shackled by an imminent POWER STRUGGLE. That is if they even get lucky enough to gain power.

Yuh like to quote this one and that one. Let me paraphrase a little quote for you. Lyndon B. Johnson said that the hardest part of politics is finding jobs for all the campaign workers after you win the election. Like the man spoke those words just for AQUIL ARRINDELL -- hence some of your insights.

To go further and get on my TURF, the people who are vying for control of PAN TRINBAGO (all the people on MY LIST) don't not even vaguely understand that the CHALLENGE is EXTERNAL and not INTERNAL. They are fighting a GLOBAL BATTLE FOR PAN and not a LOCAL BATTLE. If they do not understand that, then they will serve as just another dysfunctional PAN TRINBAGO ADMINISTRATION -- which is destined to happen anyway.

The only  break that I might give to the CIP is that they MAY NOT (MAY NOT!!!) steal as much as KEITH DIAZ. However, I would not bet too much on that with the generally corrupt nature of the land.

One of the things I have repeated the most on this forum is the LACK OF ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS surrounding the PAN WORLD. And most people believe that statement is nonsense -- because WE SO TALENTED in every way. Well, I am looking at all the TALENT on DISPLAY. From Doctor Dolly to Keith Diaz to the CIP to the BIG 5 and as I like to repeat the words PINK PANTHER SAY: Ah see the CALCUTTA SHIP but ah CYAR see the LEADERSHIP!!!

But Mr. Russell: Why yuh come on this forum and get me in MORE TROUBLE!!!

My good friend has a point, and because the CIP welcomes critics and sensible suggestion i am sure it will be table at the next meeting. again to all persons who have concerns in steel pan business "WELCOME TO THE movement  Concerned Individual for Pan"

be apart of the solution not the problem. 

Mr. claude is right. about not have the for sight internationally to make a meaning impact on the global market in the world of entertainment and education using the steel pan. There are very few of us who know and even worst, very few us are willing to listen to the ppl who know.  


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