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It seems like they have made  Steelband music a sit down and listen thing unlike yesteryear when people danced and had fun, is this good or bad, does this contribute to the stagnation of the steelband in the Mecca?

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The SIT DOWN is the norm in FOREIGN. But down in the MECCA dey cut dey own throat with this CLASSICAL MUSIC obsession and this SYMPHONY THING. Apart from that, the STEELBAND GENERATION is dying out and it seems that PAN is just a PERFORMANCE THING for these younger generations.

But I will disagree with you again on the "stagnation thing" because we have more STEELBANDS in more places in Trinidad today than we ever had before.

STEELBAND IS FLOURISHING in the MECCA. We just need a PAN TRINBAGO with good administrative skills and honest leadership and some willingness to incorporate EXPATS into the GLOBAL PROGRAM.

Having a million steelbands only to compete in panorama is stagnation. 

Steelbands have to go back to playing tunes that people know. Check out Sept.24/Republic Day Jouvert ,no D.J.s' only Pan, and a mile a people dancing in the streets from 4.00 a.m. to 11.00am I know is only west bands now. Steelbands have to stop running down panorama where only the same steel bands getting a little food year after year .Even Pan on De Avenue Saturday before Independence is only pan 'We Jamming still' on de Avenue This is de First year in a long time the Road March is real as a lot a Steel bands play de tune   

Ray L. we have to put back all that pan in carnival to capitalize on the dollars that flow at this time, this will also motivate the bands throughout the year, having to produce a band for the road does something to members and supporters..


Lets start back claiming the road for 8-9 hours Carnival Monday afternoon.

Cecil the big truck should not be part of any steelband

I hear yuh patrick, the Invaders event is helping to re-establish pans rolling on the ground, this is good for the steelband.  We now have to convince Phase ll, Starlift and Invaders to come rolling on the ground for Pan On The Avenue.

I've said it before and I will continue saying it, THE STEELBAND IN THE MECCA HAVE NO WHERE TO GO BUT BACK ON THE ROAD, let us come together and fight to to make this happen. 8-9 hours on the road Carnival Monday afternoon is a good place to start.

Irreparable damage was done to Panorama when the show organizers banned supporters from occupying the area between the North Stand and the stage...dey really spoil the show with that...as it stands now supporters have to wait off-stage for their band...No comparison to the North Stand jam...

Merrytones how long does it take for a bad idea to be corrected?


Bugs: How many years does it take to remove a CORRUPT GANGSTA TEEFING PRESIDENT from power in PAN TRINBAGO? As the PRO reminded us: Elections are 18 months away so you could start counting from November 2018!!!

And how many games does it take the WARRIORS to run through the opposing teams and give Kevin Durant his first NBA TITLE?

Bring back the big bands rolling on the ground for panorama prelims as it was before.

I agree, pans should be rolling on the ground. Can be done if the youth can design a passive system for this to work. Instead of having players jumping from steelband to steelband during panorama, to ' eat ah food', have these players develop ideas to create systems to move the pans. Pay them more than the best player can make at panorama.

The problem Bugs, is that once an idea works for someone they will never think of it as bad...therin lies most of the problems facing the modern Steelband movement...So you think the powers that be, whether Pan Trinbago or individual bands are not aware of all the ills affecting Pan?...Especially Panorama?


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