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You need some high-powered lawyers, man!!!

And give me ONE WORD for "non-musical sympathetic vibrations" in the PAN!!!


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Wow, that article has to be read over some days....
Brenda H.

The Genesis and Vibrations...

This took me back to this video clip interview with Kim Johnson and Christopher Laird a Banyan & Gayelle production,  Kim describes meeting Brian Copeland and shares interesting tit-bits about Rudolph Charles Innovation Competition with Anthony Williams a judge in a conversation with Keith Smith. https://vimeo.com/16552715

Kim Johnson

Historian and Journalist Kim Johnson's research and publications span Indian music in Trinidad and the Chinese contribution to Trinbagonian society. His major interest and the main focus of his work over the past decade has been the oral and pictorial history of the steelband.

His interviews with pioneers and others in and around the movement together with the photographs and film that he has unearthed are powerful testament to what Kim has referred to as The Audacity of the Creole Imagination, the title of a film he has recently completed and are the subject of his forthcoming book, The Soul in Iron: The Genesis of the Steelband Movement in Trinidad 1939- 1951.


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