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Like DOCTOR DOLLY give up on PAN -- she have ah new plan for all dem artisan!!!

I thought PAN was supposed to be bringing in BILLIONS (more money than oil is the exact quote -- I think). And just when the new ISF/BIG 5 come on the scene with INTERNATIONAL PLANS for PAN, Doctor Dolly make a U-TURN and gone in ah next direction.

Even if the BIG 5 CONCERT does not DRAW WELL, they should still stay on course. And I wiil never stop encouraging them to REACH OUT to the EXPAT (and FOREIGN PAN LOVERS) community. Hire ODW to organize your MANAGEMENT TEAM -- something about too many cooks and the soup; and start focusing on getting the music OUT OF TRINIDAD. THIS PAN TING COULD HAPPEN!!!

As partners with the artisans, we need to examine the creation of markets for handicraft made in Trinidad and Tobago; we must discuss how to encourage and foster entrepreneurship in this industry as well as what should be the ministry’s and by extension the Government’s role in facilitating this success.”


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Dr. Dolly told band leaders put your house in order. Like that gone on deaf ears. Well, we can't expect her to put our house in order for us. Mr. Claude, I have a lil crush on her. So don't beat up. lol

Aquil, you are a smart man, you let Claude know that you have a crush on Dr Dolly knowing that he will make it the topic for the next few weeks, good move. lol [3 ways to communicate:- telephone, telex, tell Claude]

Wrong Read!!! My topics are 99% about ADMINISTRATIVE FAILURES in the PAN WORLD and READING KEITH DIAZ and MAKING PAN MUSIC GLOBAL and MY POLITICAL SNIPING -- every so often. Recently, I added AQUIL and the CIP. Ah like AQUIL and ah don't know why!!!

My next TOPIC is how the ISF could be so blind to all the EXPATS and FOREIGN NATIONALS and AMERICAN PAN LOVERS who are DYING to reach out and OFFER HELP. But the LOCALS are so protective (of what I don't know) that they want to control a world they have never seen before from an Island that is like a drop of rain in an ocean -- like ah ship in ah sea (Sorry Baker -- ah teef yuh line). A formula for failure!!!

CH, I need U too send me your e-mail address, there's some musical tracks you need to have...

The LEAST Doctor Dolly could do is PUT UP SOME PNM MONEY to VIDEO TAPE the BIG FIVE CONCERT. And make sure that QUALITY rises above NEPOTISM and other STANDARD PARTY FAVOURS!!!

Is INTERNATIONAL we going!!!

JJJ. it is cechinkson@yuhoo.com

What about her promise and by extension the Government she represents, promise to have a FORENSIC audit done on Pan Trinbago, and the management of funds over the last five years? This promise was made prior to Panorama 2017. Kindly remember, this is also Tax payers moneies.

ANYBODY -- with the slightest political insights -- knew that DOCTOR DOLLY was bluffing when she promised the FORENSIC audit. As I have said so many times before on this topic, ALL she was concerned about is "having a successful Carnival" and the PAN MEN were threatening to strike and subvert the CARNIVAL. So she threw them a bone in the form of a promise to EXPOSE THE KEITH DIAZ CORRUPTION. Once Carnival was done and she had her successful Carnival -- that FORENSIC AUDIT TALK DONE.


Of course she threw them a bone mi amigo, if she didn't, that audit would have disclosed how much she would have gotten/allotted, do you remember 2014/2015 when "Gypsy Peters", cut pan men panorama money to $800.00, instead of $1.000, when the 1st prize was $2.0 million dollars, these Cultural Ministers are cleaning up on pan men money, so what else is new??? the Goddard's, the Smiths, the Arnold's, the Diaz's, the Visionaries, the UPPM, ISF, CIP, etc etc etc, just to name a few, they're all on the SAME AGENDA, RIP OFF, RIP OFF, RIP OFF.....


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