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Medium Steel Orchestra Panorama 2017 Preliminary Results - Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. -  In what has been a Panorama season which brought a complete change as to how the preliminaries were conducted, the Medium steel orchestra grouping maintained one constant from 2016; that being the number of bands moving on to the semi finals in the category.

Fourteen steel orchestras out of the twenty-eight who managed to get out of the gate, will grace the stage at the Big Yard at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain, this coming weekend on Sunday February 12 in the next phase of competition.

The ‘change’ was the judging in the pan yards of the medium (and small) steel orchestras - instead of meet-ups at  'regional' venues.  This style has been used for the last few years in the case of the large conventional steel orchestras, where judges visited those pan yards, generally with a caravan of supporters in tow.

Medium bands preliminary results Panorama 2017

  1. Pan Elders - 263
  2. Pan Demonium - 259
  3. Curepe Scherzando - 255
  4. Valley Harps - 255
  5. Melodians - 253
  6. Buccooneers - 253
  7. Sounds Specialist - 252
  8. Katzenjammers - 252
  9. Western Stars Philharmonics - 250
  10. Arima Angel Harps - 249
  11. NGC Steel Xplosion - 248
  12. Couva Joylanders - 247
  13. Sforzata - 247
  14. Pamberi - 244

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Ah notice I am not seeing an comments from my northern counterparts here ! Boy I tell you my Trini peps never seem to amuse me ! Go ahead with all yu bad self Pan Elders.


In the Outside World they say: "East is East is West is West and never the twain shall meet."

In Trinidad I say: North is North and South is South and never the twain shall meet."

If you are from the NORTH in Trinidad (Especially Greater Port-of-Spain), the rest of the country DOES NOT EXIST!!!

And that is why the whole island is in a mess because of that thinking. We have unity here in the foreign pan world. No respect to the Medium and small bands especially with the fact that some of them have been through hard times is a no no in my books .

With all the changes can someone say how many bands from each category will be going through to the finals?

Terry Noel MBE JP

Leader Melodians Steel Orchestra UK


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