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“Many times people have commented and told me that I seem to have a glow or a sparkling aura when they see me play the Steel pan instrument. At times I can be lost in my own little world once I start to play or practice on the steel-pan; it may be minutes to hours. The instrument gives me a drive and energy: no matter how tired I may be I always can find the vigour to play.”

She is driven, ultra-focused and immensely talented. In an exclusive interview with When Steel Talks -  musician, arranger,  and panist Marina Marfan shares her personal journey and passion for the Steel Pan instrument, its culture, and the art form.

A When Steel Talks Exclusive

- See more at: http://www.panonthenet.com/woman/2017/marina-marfan.htm#sthash.AMMe...

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“My mother said to leave pan for the negro children and them,” and she asked to play the tambourine in the ensemble instead so as not to get into trouble when it was the graduation ceremony at the end of the camp.

Sadly this is the reality of Trinidad and Tobago class and race issues. 

Ms. Marfan you are awesome. Much respect.


Sad eh?...Aquil...ah hope yuh reading...

merrytonestothebone: Yuh live yuh whole life and never find nobody yuh could pick on. Now in your grandfather stage of your life -- yuh find poor Aquil and yuh not giving the man one square foot of ground on which to stand. Yuh real wicked, yuh know!!!

Boy...leave me alone nah?...Please?...

Every so often this forum gets a DROP OF TRINIDAD REALITY and it always amuses me. Because everybody seems to live in this BUBBLE of concealment quite different from the T&T that I grew up in!!!

WST - “Are there any other steelband-related matters you would like to bring forward?”

Marina M. - “I would like to see pan shows like Ramajay be re-introduced and that the pan show in Tobago Jazz festival return, and more pan shows like the ‘Pan Down Memory Lane’ and ‘Pan In The 21st Century’ have a second look at.”

“Additionally I would like to see both small and single pan band Panorama finals to be more recognized. I am disappointed that those finals are not broadcasted on television and sometimes not even on the radio. Also no CD of those Panorama finals is ever produced to be sold like the medium and larger categories.”

The reality is Pan talent has outgrown the limited vision Pan Trinbago has for the Art Form.

Change is necessary.

The reality is Pan talent has outgrown the limited vision Pan Trinbago has for the Art Form.

Change is necessary. - ODW

Say it again ODW, say it again!

Bugs you have old people like myself talking about pan on the road for carnival and this "much" younger lady talking about Pan Down Memory Lane, Pan In The 21st Century and Ramajay,  two people from different eras talking about events that pan is not involve in any more, no wonder the steelband is look upon as a bunch of slackers. 

Cecil this is the legacy of Rolly Polly and D'Photo's Pan Trinbago. The executive board needs to be put on a United Airlines flight to "Club Jail".



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