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Late nights && early mornings just for WIADICA to shit on us #WokeUpHurting

Im so disgusted with Panorama. Wiadca and Band leaders. People rather play in this weather than cancel the whole thing. Bragging rights must be paying bills now. When are yall gunna start caring about the players?! Who sacrifice a whole summer to learn a 10 minute song. Wiadca been on shit! Wanna set up a set of rules but cant set a Rain Date?! This is stupid. Band leaders instead of sitting down and discussing another date and venue, this is the better solution to yall? So what do we really care about? The music getting played? The players that playing the music and their saftey and health? OR THE APPEARANCE FEE AND PRIZE MONEY THAT WONT BE READY UNTIL YOUR GREAT GRAND CHILDREN ARE OLD ENOUGH TO COLLECT IT??? GET IT TOGETHER!!!

Well said Aliandre;
WIADCA and Band leader alike, should be organized enough to set a Rain Date (for the Panorama Productions). Such demonstrated competence would have better honored those who committed themselves to sacrifice a whole summer to learn a 10 minute song;
But despite the manner in which the event unfolded, it's still worth noting that such a summer of sacrifice wasn't wasted; instead all the performing bands that determined to filled the Brooklyn afternoon air with those(10 minute songs) and that were meticulously learned and methodically played, delighted all in attendance;
And those who traveled from afar and even the local poor, (who didn’t suffer traveling), especially, acknowledged the blessings imparted onto all the bands' players; (Unfortunately, there are many people (in the world) who can't execute the dexterity exhibited, for free, by the bands;
Count your blessings, gracefully, Aliandre for those capabilities (you possess) that allow you to be a-part of such a spectacle and musical production).
ARG; (Keeping a positive mind).

Soooo..... with all the formalities out the way... I have a serious question for all my pan people from all bands out there. Since Widica Panorama 2017 was One Big FLOP where do we go from here?.... All the bands spent alot of TIME, MONEY, ENERGY AND SACRIFICED alot to put on there best show and basically I think today was a pathetic attempt to shut us pan people up. We aren't good enough to use your stage because of what ever reason but as I speak Dimanche Gras is going on but the artists could use your stage?? Anyway... Will the prize money for 2018 be $40,000 since there was no prize money given out this year?? Serious people reply please...

I am so disgusted with the pan world!!! How much longer will you let them do that to us as pan people !!! We all looked like crack heads begging for a fix from Wiadca !! This was crap !! Did the leaders really know that this was going to happen without letting the players know ?? If so allyuh real wicked !!


You all have from today  to about next July to fix most of what's wrong, can we count on you?

We cyar fix T&T and we trying tuh fix New York. Man, de ting done cook, it dry out and now it bun. IT DONE BUN. To fix that they have to get away from the parent body. Leff dem and do like the "Big Five". It is cursed. I'm convinced.

Widca just showed they call the shoots and pan people will follow. Big weekend like this and mean to tell me judges was here just for Saturday and gone by sunday!

Panorama, wait.....i mean The "Pan Jamboree" was a flop, J'ouvert (from what I'm hearing) was a flop, and everybody going to jump up on the parkway, still spending their money, supporting these events that blantanly don't cater to the participants and...........Streupsssssssssssssssssssss  but yet I can't help but love my Caribbean people because De City, could shut down, They JAMMING STILL. lawd fadda help them.

All of a sudden everyone wanna be woke about #WIADCA... Whole summer already gone! We were supposed to see these signs years ago. If we really love pan, then we'd remember these raw emotions throughout the year. It's not "For the love of pan" when the only time we seem to care about whats going on with the bands or the community is during Panorama season. We have so much more to be upset about than just a wasted summer. If we want to see another panorama in NY, then WIADCA cannot be apart of it. Steelband/ Community leaders. Get your shit together. It's now or never!


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