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This was sent to my bands e mail address . What are your thoughts? 

                  No president when Diaz out the country.


By: Aquil Arrindell


Pan Trinbago President, in true Diaz style, displaying his pettiness, vindictiveness and lack emotional intelligence, left the country without appointing an interim President/C.E.O.  to run the day to day affairs of Pan Trinbago. Reports are, because of his unpopularity among the rest of the executive, he chose not to put anyone in charge in his absence. It is alleged that the rest of the executive, lead by the E.R.O, P.R.O. and the Secretary, were extremely offended by the president’s action and as a consequence, they held a meeting and among themselves appointed the Secretary as the acting President.


It is clear that this present Pan Trinbago executive, who dug our organization into a thirty million dollar debt, has nothing more to offer their members. So why are they still there? The answer is simple, Money. Other than one executive member, a trustee, all the others have no other source of income other that what Pan Trinbago’s membership unwittingly pays them. A membership who did not have a say as to how much the executive must pay themselves and was kept in the dark about the amount executive members did pay themselves monthly and through bonuses. The membership who had to find out the figures of the executives’ salaries and bonuses via TV 6 News, which was nothing less than shameful and disrespectful to us, the members of Pan Trinbago.


Most of the executive have little or no qualifications and jobs are scarce in the country. They are at pension age, but that money cannot maintain their luxurious lifestyle so we the members of Pan Trinbago must suffer for this. Band leaders continue to run their bands with no assistance from the central executive. Players continue to suffer. It was reported by a high ranking NCC official that the E.R.O, the Treasure and the Secretary negotiated $500. dollars for players for 2017. In addition, it is also alleged that this executive is going to propose zero dollars for players for 2018.


Although the President is very stressed about the defiance of the rest of the executive, it is still better than having to go back to working taxi. Band leaders, we have the power. It was our vote that put them there and we can take them out WHENEVER WE WANT. The ball is in our court. SING THE PETITION NOW


Document of Concerned Individual for Pan        

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Aquil: You are a GLUTTON for PUNISHMENT!!! Nothing that you do or say could  remove KEITH DIAZ from office. Years ago, one poster on this forum called KEITH DIAZ the GREATEST POLITICIAN THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. And everybody laughed because they were quite sure that the NEW VISIONARIES were going to TAKE DOWN KEITH DIAZ.

Well, BEVERLY gone back Tobago to PLANT PEAS. Then came the UPPM!!! Keith Diaz turn the UPPM upside down. Then came DOCTOR DOLLY with some kinda ah FORENSIC AUDIT BLUFF. Me and Diaz laugh she out of town!!! Next came the CIP!!! The CIP just don't know when to quit.

At the end of the day!!! At the end of the TRIP outside TRINIDAD!!! Keith Diaz will return to his office and sit on his throne and rule over PAN MEN until OCTOBER 2020. I don't know how to get that point across to my dear friend AQUIL. Pan Men are too scared to ROCK THE BOAT and sign that PETITION from an organization with limited history and ZERO POLITICAL CLOUT!!!

So, today, ladies and gentlemen, I am urging all PAN MEN and PAN WOMEN in the MECCA and around the WORLD to put their energies into supporting THE INTERNATIONAL STEELBAND FOUNDATION -- if you really want to see PAN PROGRESS!!! Buy tickets and go to the show!!! Send some money home for your friends to buy two tickets if you are an EXPAT. Or even if you are living in Europe or Africa and support PAN. No discrimination here!

It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for AQUIL and THE CIP to send KEITH DIAZ back to DRIVE TAXI!!!

Ha . i like your optimism Mr. Claude.


Aquil: They like to say ONLY IN AMERICA. But I say: ONLY IN TRINIDAD!!!

Only in TRINIDAD could a man go from WORKING TAXI to become PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO with a salary of almost $30,000 a month. Plus phone and transportation and travel allowances. And then that PRESIDENT is free to pay himself as a CONSULTANT for RUNNING PANORAMA. And at the end of the year he pays himself an honorarium for GOOD PERFORMANCE during the year. Did I leave out the PANORAMA GATE RECEIPTS and the TICKET SCAMS?

All in all I could put THE PRESIDENT'S annual income at about 2.5 Million dollars a year!!! And that is before you add in all the money from SPONSORS.

And you think that you could take all that BREAD out of that man mouth, Aquil? It look like YOUTH is really wasted on the YOUNG, yes!!!

Aquil I think one of the biggest problems here is most of the local pan players is probably not aware that PanTrinbago president Keith Diaz is out of the country. The majority of pan players in T&T only show up a few weeks before the annual Panorama and the steelbands that have stage sides are either touring abroad or the few players are not informed about current events by their respective bands executives. You know Claude Gonzales might be right and it looks as though Keith Diaz is controlling all them steelband executives. Remember come Panorama time every band whether big or small needs some kind of financial help and we all know that the few sponsored bands only get so much in this downward economy and hard times. Aquil we here in foreign feel you, Gregory Lindsay, Dane Gulston and the other few fighters pains. Without the full support my friend from all local pan players I think fighting Pan Trinbago is a lost battle because this has been going on for years. In the meantime we here in foreign is busy with own Panoramas in Brooklyn. Canada , the U.K. and many other countries. We are the ambassadors and we always keep the spirit going . Corruption is a norm in T&T! Why you think them Kaisonians still in business. They have to have something controversial to sing about and that is what the bacchanal Trinbagonian want to hear. But don't ever give up fighting brother because there is always hope. Who knows you could be the future Pan Trinbago President. Ah lie !

I would like to know who paid the airfare for the President to travel?

Cecil: When you have 15 BANKS ACCOUNTS and your income is OVER THREE MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR -- yuh could afford to buy yuh own PLANE TICKET.

Aquil say he NOT INTO POLITICS but he running for PRESIDENT. Is true we OLE and TING but we eh SENILE!!!

Claude, if Diaz makes over 3mill. ah year, yuh cyah say nottin if Aquil want he job.

Cecil: MY PRESIDENT (THE RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ) does not actually take the WHOLE THREE MILLION PLUS for himself. He helps out a lot of PAN MEN and their families and he helps out SMALL STEELBANDS. And he helps out people in his own community. And kicks some back to the REGIONAL HEADS. And when election time is coming around he got to run back some of that bread to keep the voters LOYAL. By the time MY PRESIDENT done with all that CHARITY the man barely remain with 1.5 million to support his lifestyle.

This year was a BIG BUST for us because DOCTOR DOLLY send the NCC to confiscate most of the PANORAMA GATE RECEIPTS and that left us with a serious CASH FLOW problem.

I do not think that your PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE (Aquil Arrindell) will be as generous to the PAN MEN as MY PRESIDENT has been over the last EIGHT YEARS!!!

Claude, so now is ah good time for me to start suckin-up to Aquil?

Mr Hinkson."so u could key your money and i will keep my honey and i will die with my dignity". That song just come to my head i don't know y. lol

Aquil: When Mr. Cecil lay down the condition ... is nothing else but H-U-M-I-L-I-A-T-I-O-N.


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