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Cecil tell meh to forget the $500 and move on!!! But dem fellahs make noise in KEITH DIAZ MEETING complaining about that measly $500. However, dey barking up the wrong tree. They should be marching against DOCTOR DOLLY -- she was complicit in the RIP OFF.

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I don't think it's good advice to encourage pan players and all involved to not have panorama 2018 next year. Panorama has nothing to do with earning a living. I believe it's similar to college football in the USA or amateur athletics. Many of the pan players do have jobs and step-forward like anyone-else to do something that they maintain stock in.  To qualify as a pan player for a  top  panorama band one need to develop high standards and from here I believe enough to sell various talents. It's all up to the individual. Like preparing for your first job, develop resume etc. Encouraging pan players to boycott panorama 2018 is similar to TT trade union leaders encouraging hard working citizens to distress and get nothing in return.

look at that video. you guys see 236 members there? lol. like mr Diaz going off.

Small bands in Chaguanas!!! Panorama finals with alternating medium and large bands!!! All good strategies to distract the public from the CORRUPTION IN PAN TRINBAGO. And you worried about a couple KEITH DIAZ LIES? People like DONALD TRUMP and  KEITH DIAZ are pathological liars -- so what do you expect.


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