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Thanks Pan Times.

Hi Ian
Re: Adlib. Can you tell me the type of tri-pan that is played up front?

Hello A.L, That is called a Triple Second. (lol)

You can laugh as much as you want, but that is a "Triple Tenor" derived by Herman (rock) Johnston of BWIA Sun Jets West side Symphony in 1964, that Bede Lopez played ha ha ha...

Thanks Ian. Have not seen let alone heard that before.

Having heard all the bands, there may be a toss up between Pan Evolution and Radoes again. Last year Pan Evolution was close enough to win, but like the saying goes (in steelband) they had to pay their dues. They did, and should get the nod. We'll see.
I just found out that there was NO competition, just bands playing in a big block party. Wow! What a mess! Pan Evolution lost out. They closed the show with a BANG.



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