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Do the CIP really want to inherit Pan Trinbago troubles, when will they find the time to deal with Pan matters at hand?

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It's not like you move in and sweep everything under the carpet, reminds me of "Old Morther Hubbard".

Cecil: Ah tell you and EVERYBODY many times before!!!! PAN TRINBAGO eh GOT NO TROUBLES and the DEBT is really inconsequential to anybody who has been around BUSINESS. The problem is a LACK OF ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS coupled with a FAULTY MENTALITY. Sidd came on the forum one time and said that if you staff PAN TRINBAGO with Trinidadians who all have an MBA from HARVARD -- the results will be the same. (As usual I did a little paraphrasing; but that is close to the content.) And I share that sentiment myself.

Look at the CIP, there is NOBODY in the CIP lineup (and it have about 120 in that line looking for the EASY LIFE) who could make any difference. The days of PUTTING PAN MEN to run PAN TRINBAGO are dead and gone.

So don't blame the ORGANIZATION!!! Blame the lack of HUMAN RESOURCES available from within the PAN FRATERNITY. And I know that it is not FAIR to them to HAND OVER this ORGANIZATION to business-minded leaders after all the blood sweat and tears, out of the dust bin can, pain and suffering, rise out of the ghetto.

Given that social conflict (especially with the Roget and Rowley racial agenda running so openly now), things are destined to STAY THE SAME. If we live another 10 YEARS and we could still type or use some new technology to voice our opinions -- things will remain the same and we will still be complaining about the ineptitude of PAN TRINBAGO whether YOUNG or OLD PAN MEN are in charge of things.

I choose to believe that there are bright young pan people who can really do something for the steelband, my only concern is how they view pan on the road.

CH, you are my ole St James buddy, and I do not like telling U that, the pan on the road day's we knew are long gone, and they are not coming back, and these young pan people you call them, who think they're musicians, when they're really MAGICIANS, DO NOT KNOW WHAT THERE DOING, they're just making NOISE thinking that they're playing music, which happens to be called DISSONANCE, music has 3 basic elements, melodic, harmonic, and rhythumic, the 1 st two are missing from what they're doing...

Jaunito: You want to break Cecil heart this morning telling the man that PAN ON THE ROAD DEAD. What is Cecil living for, if not to see PAN COME BACK ON THE ROAD.

Hey man CH and you are both my buddies, but I'm also a realist, and I see things the way they R, and not how I want them to be, I'm not breaking his heart, I'm just stating a FACT...

JJJ if not the road what then?

CH, pan can be back on the road again but, not exactly the way we had it back then but, because the times were different, and the mind set of these younger pan beaters that are not PAN PLAYERS, that has NO DISCIPLINE,which is required to achieve success in most achievement therefore, it will be difficult for them to achieve any such goal, but we on the other hand, knew exactly what we were doing that created that J'ouvert Morning ambiance remember, we use to arrange music just to antagonize other bands on Green Corner and Park Street, Park and Fredrick Street, and Park and Charlotte Street, and Marine Square? like the ole stick fighting days, without hurting anyone except for their musical pride, the youths today don't have that kind of VISION much less TALENT, they just don't know period...

JJJ: Why yuh putting water in Cecil eyes? This is the man's dream you are destroying. I believe that PAN could come back on the road for carnival but PAN TRINBAGO will have to play a BIG ROLE. Keith Diaz and the rest of the GANGSTAS will have to be kicked out. And then you have to have a BUSINESS-MINDED executive to lead the MISSION, Not PAN MEN.

But nothing eh about to change so ah better let yuh alone to convince Cecil.

Mi Amigo, C H will be fine,he's an ole St James "War Horse and SOLIDER" pan can come back on the road, but not the way it was before, but these young pan beaters CANNOT DO IT, and as for PT, the old Steel band Association is the one's who is responsible for allowing the ole (CDC) Carnival Development Committee President Ronnie Williams, and George Goddard of the then Steel Band Association President, to move the bomb competition to the Savannah, calling it the Best Beating Band Competition and the next year calling it Panorama, those effort was to boost CDC Status to make money, that is what Panorama is about, and that is the cause of the collateral consequences that the Steel Bands /pan men Sphere have to deal with today...

ALLYUH still caught up in the "BRIGHT" -- but look at how BRIGHT Lincoln Douglas and Dolly is and look at how young they are. And you could not find two more incapable people to run the MINISTRY OF CULTURE.

I heard a HARVARD JUDGE once say on AMERICAN TV that the BRIGHTEST students (A Students) become professors and the second brightest (B Students) become judges and the C STUDENTS become MILLIONAIRES!!!

PAN TRINBAGO needs people with BUSINESS SKILLS. Take a look at who the BIG 5 put on their CONSULTING TEAM! Take a look at the man who run the whole advertising game for the BIG 5 CONCERT!!! Yuh think any PAN MAN in TRINIDAD have that kinda skills and resources.

DIAZ got to STEP DOWN!!! And the CIP got to STEP DOWN!!! If you want REAL PROGRESS!!!

C.I.P will step down but we are not up.


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