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Panorama is the lifeblood of the organization, the indisputable factor or influence that gives the movement and its practitioners strength and vitality. The undeniable single factor that can authoritatively identify Trinidad and Tobago as The mecca of pan. I believe Panorama is necessary. If it is that there is consensus in the pan fraternity that the current administrators have consistently displayed their inability to responsibly and astutely manage that show and the returns it generates, what contingency plans have been developed over the past few months that can demonstrate a capacity to successfully supersede what exists?

Succession planning seems to be nonexistent in the wider steel band community, and should be prioritized in a structured manner to ensure smooth transitions in management at band level and at a national level. Critical thinking seems to be lacking, and analytic skills deficient, honesty in an oxymoron, and the ability to see past the next handout may be stifling band leaders, or those who consider themselves band owners, or delegated representatives the desire to progressively develop the human capital within their organizations. Succession planning seems to be forbidden and prohibited in organizations, where potential is ambushed, where any evidence of the capacity and ability to lead, instead of being nurtured is summarily executed. 

The evidence suggests that there is no shadow executive.

The evidence suggests that a steering committee has not been considered or in place.

Therefore it is not unreasonable to conclude that there are just two choices available, panorama with an executive that is being projected as undesirable, or no panorama.

What I would choose to describe as the sterility of some views, and the challenges associated with intelligently interpreting objectivity is regrettable, even mildly discouraging, and it would not be inconsiderate to compare that behavior with that of the host responsible for spreading the virus resulting in the stagnation affecting the local steel band movement, fueling its dormancy. Stagnation of views in an effort to take meaningful discussion forward. Stagnation of thought inhibiting meaningful dialogue leading to action on rational suggestions put forward. Stagnation of ideas resulting in the inability to propose intelligent, solution based responses to issues identified.

I did not come on this forum to be popular,  I did not come on this forum to win friends or influence people, as my name is not Dale Carnegie, I did not come forward to seek anyone's blessings or approval.  I am not running for, or do I have any desire or intention for office at any level, or on any platform, on any slate, or independently at any given time. I am not a supporter or detractor of anyone's, or any group's agenda. I have no agenda hidden or public, I do not intend, or desire to usurp anyone's authority, I speak openly, and the views I express are independently hatched in my simple mind.

I intend to address the mafia that is the delegate system next.

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“Succession planning seems to be nonexistent in the wider steel band community, and should be prioritized in a structured manner to ensure smooth transitions in management at band level and at a national level. Critical thinking seems to be lacking, and analytic skills deficient, honesty in an oxymoron, and the ability to see past the next handout may be stifling band leaders, or those who consider themselves band owners, or delegated representatives the desire to progressively develop the human capital within their organizations. Succession planning seems to be forbidden and prohibited in organizations, where potential is ambushed, where any evidence of the capacity and ability to lead, instead of being nurtured is summarily executed.”

Pan Trinbago is a CULTURAL organization, pretending to be a business operation. In order to solve a problem you have to get to the bottom of it. No one paid attention to Lloyd Best when he provided a guide on how to structure the PanYard as a business entity, Thanks to Teddy Belgrave and other visionaries for moving the steelband movement forward. Getting a bar license for yuh PanYard is not going to help Panyards in the NEW economy. 

Today you can obtain online training courses for various subjects via an internet connection. Critical thinking, analytical thinking can be found on YouTube.  Any motivated pan man or woman self-disciplined and goal-directed can start there.  

Thank you Russell from the video I see you were deeply embedded in the movement, continue your contributions. We all can learn from each other. We never to OLD to LEARN, that's if we are willing to accept we know what we don't know.


Very good conversation from Russel and ODW plus excellent video ....We need clear thinking people like Teddy (may he rest in peace). I do believe that we have capable people in Trinidad who can demonstrate the clear thinking skills. I do hope that they will step forward at this time. That type of change with clean leadership is so needed. Step up to the plate guys.

Wow, the wild exchanges of the past few days, the insults, subtle and otherwise, intellectual capacity on display and all I see is "iron bolts", "sling shot", "cutlass" and razors fuh so. Back to de fifties. We eh gorn no way.

Shut down the Panorama for ONE year, enuff time to gather serious thought and reflection.

Succession planning? What is dat? Seemingly nonexistent in T&T, not just in the steel band community. Check ALL governments as they come and go. Is a Trini ting.

So now we are tasked with still getting away from the bolts, sling shot, 3 canal, razors and ting. We eh gorn no way.

WAKE UP EVERYBODY - Original Version (Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes)

Steelbands were never encouraged to contribute the development of the Movement, hence the reason for their exploitation. The seasonal aspect of things affected their ability to organize, Positive change will only come about when steelbands organize themselves then with each other.


He is NOT A PAN TRINBAGO SPY!!! He is NOT MICHAEL "BROTHER SCOBIE" JOSEPH!!! He is an INDEPENDENT VOICE crying out for the betterment of PAN.

He is also NOT A FAN of the CIP because he sees them as VISIONLESS, LEADERLESS, PLANLESS, and on the verge of internal war if they ever take over PAN TRINBAGO in their unprepared state.

He does not seem to be involved in PAN directly as he used to be, but he THINKS PAN NIGHT AND  DAY and the stagnancy of the LOCAL MOVEMENT frustrates him TO NO END.

And he made the CIP paranoid and almost cost me my friendship with some of the CIP members because they thought that I mindlessly and sheepishly jumped on the RUSSELL PROVIDENCE bandwagon immediately upon his arrival (re-arrival?) on the scene. In a way, I am a little upset with ODW for outing RUSSELL PROVIDENCE because I was enjoying watching the CIP try to DECIPHER.

So everybody should apologize to THE MAN and encourage him to keep EXPRESSING HIS VIEWS.

Professor Philmore has some wise words in this video. I think I saw that the VIDEO was done in 1993 (I am sure that I Iooked at it a while back) and if THE PROFESSOR had understood the possibilities in his own words they could have been applied to him -- the  STARS could have been his. Although the opportunity still exists for him -- he just needs someone to shine the light on the path forward.

Wisdom for the ages,..Thank you for the lessons imparted for the journey ahead....Russell & ODW

Here’s the deal.  It is cool that the person who posts the most on this forum can vouch for you and/or legitimize your post.  But if you truly see this forum as “ a

necessary vehicle for education and enlightment,” you would provide hard evidence for your conclusions.  Lawyers, for example, do not go to court and say the evidence suggests ….  Instead, after briefing the judge on what law or case is applicable to their client’s circumstance, they might say, for example if applicable, that the facts show that the search does not fall within the exception to warrantless searches under the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution because of People v. Smith.  Similarly, social and other scientists provide the methodology under which they conduct their study, so that any other scientist can replicate the specific  study and concur with or refute it.  So if you truly want to educate or allow members on the list to “intelligently interpret … objectivity” [whatever that is], please provide some bar graphs or pie charts with your data and the methodology you used to arrive at your conclusions that “critical thinking seems to be lacking, and analytical skills deficient” [outside of stringing together a bunch of big sounding words, the analysis is bereft of metrics].  Then, members of the list would know whether your divisive comments about the “sterility of some views” are factual or biased.  There are three takeaways for my response: 1) Note I have no member of the list to come to my aid, 2) that’s not an issue because although the website purports to have a membership of 16000+, metrics for September 2017 show that there were 468 discussions with an average response of 5 people per discussion, including people responding to their own posts, and 3) last but most important, no educator or anyone who wants to “educate and enlighten” would think and write that those who disagree with him have sterile views.


Let’s see the metrics and methodology in your “mafia” post and advance this forum forward simultaneously.  Thank you.

Mr. Providence, 

My responses are listed seriatim. N.B.  I have no intention to respond further to anything you write because it is unsupported and circular.  In addition, I do not want to needlessly skew the metrics on how many responses a post get unless it's worth a response.


  1. Point me to a reference to the word –sould [sic].
  2. Irrelevant, based on assumptions and illogical, and just maybe you meant to say "my interpretation" instead of mine. Mine what-
  3. The king of unfounded assumptions.
  4. Dazed and confused.  I thought that you would have been able to parse the words [they are simple enough -subject/verb/object] and find “for example”.  It's sad that I have to call it out to you.  Although, you think otherwise, there is no attempt to make an example universal
  5. What trend.

Abject nonsense.  There is no trend that you reference to support your illogical statement.


6. The Mighty Sparrow has a calypso about this.

7-8.  I have no doubt that no one and I repeat no one will see anything from you in support of your opinion [note I said opinion not argument].  Yet you deem comments from others unfounded.  Ha ha!


More important, nowhere in my post did I remotely allude to the fact that it was my forum.  Maybe you should reread my comment until you determine what I said and did not say.

“Succession planning seems to be forbidden and prohibited in organizations, where potential is ambushed, where any evidence of the capacity and ability to lead, instead of being nurtured is summarily executed.”
This sentence in a nutshell zeroes in on the most if not all of the problems facing the steel band fraternity, locally at least. Shot boy Russel Providence! Yuh hit it “Pang!” According to the late grandmaster. This sentence explains, band-hopping crews and individuals, the sudden explosion of Small and Single Pan bands, arrangers with multiple bands, parents carting their progeny off from band to band for hire all of which has ultimately led to the continued demise of several known and unknown steel orchestras.
Time was, when the average steel band was outfitted with it’s own tuner and arranger. Due to specialization these two important entities have to be accessed elsewhere. Now, while I could kinda understand the tuner part of the equation, I have grave problems accepting that we have bands in Trinidad existing for 40-odd years in some instances who have never produced and arranger. It was only when I offered myself as arranger for my band that the absence of succession planning hit me right between the eyes. That is, after hearing from my peers that “Yuh ent have no track record boy!” You see, the norm since several years now has been, if an arranger is required, you simply hire one from outside the fold. Steelbands don’t even as a matter of course train players to ensure new blood. Panorama coming, so hustlers must come with it too. Potential ambushed. Case closed.
In 2004 Pan Trinbago introduced the concept of categories, Large, Medium, Small. Pan ‘Round de Neck now known as Single Pan was in place already. The first year of the Small Band competition saw less than 30 bands facing the judges. Fast forward to 2017 you have 66 bands in the prelims of which 44 eventual competed. While I have always defended the decision to create the two smaller categories, it is clear that no-one saw the rapid growth of the smaller units back then. No framework to support the very participation in the competition was developed. From what I understand, you register a name this year and in two years time you can enter the competition. And then came the Government cheque. So you should see as clearly as I do now how the whole mess (to me, eh) has developed. A conspiracy theory exists that the categories, the brainchild of then Pan Trinbago president Patrick Arnold, were created upon the behest of a certain arrange who insisted that he be “allowed to arrange for any number of bands” he desired. So ah hear… Well we also know how that has worked out for the development of new arranging talent or lack thereof. Again, Potential ambushed.
It is beyond me the GOTT could annually agree to donate taxpayers dollars to panists without demanding some proof of competence at least. We real lucky in the place oui! Just submit a name and bam! $1,000.00. Jest so! Experienced player, crack shot, hard-head, hustler, iron-man, flag waver… across the board. The government doh business with whether or not performance or education or experience coincides with payment. And quite frankly individuals don’t either. The band send a list of names… Hold dat!… The reality is that many of the names submitted by steel bands for a Panorama cheque belong the individuals who don’t even play pan. What should have happened from day one is that a cheque representing “payment” to the allowed number of players per category be cut. That way the name fraud could never have happened in the first place. But then again, is votes successive governments after anyway, so the Panorama cheque is collateral damage… in a way. But not this year though!
Maybe by now some of you may understand why less and less bands parade the streets for Carnival. To even think about coming on the road a band must posses “members” in the first place. Mercenaries, hustlers, crews and the like certainly do not constitute “membership”. It simply means that an band has an “albatross around its neck” for the Panorama season and this one demands money to play pan standing in one place. Don’t expect nobody to be willing to ride on a trailer far less walk behind no pan come carnival Money or Tuesday.
In closing I want to remind us of the story of Easter Island in the South Pacific where over dependence on the islands resources of timber made it barren of all plant life. That, coupled with disease brougth in by foreigners led to the demise of the island’s inhabitants. Maybe susccession planning wasn’t foremost in the Easter Islander’s minds too… Who knows? Well we know how that one went too…

merrytonestothebone: Yuh is ah BANDWAGONIST or what? How yuh jumping on RUSSELL PROVIDENCE bandwagon so?

Yuh know ah know better -- but I could not resist!!!

But look how much discourse RUSSELL PROVIDENCE come and generate on this forum just so. And the man he have about 20 more lectures to give if DEM CIP MEN doh send people to RUN HIM OFF!!!


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