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THE EDITOR: In the interest of the steelband movement I do not wish to tarnish the Pan Trinbago brand, though the organisation has done that all on its own. I have never publicly denounced Pan Trinbago in spite of the fact that it has been poorly administered/managed.

It is agonising however to see the organisation reach its lowest in history and that is extremely damaging to all steelbands.

Please, executive members, including Keith Diaz and especially Richard Forteau, go in peace. At the same time please take your adviser with you. And please do not ever come around any steelbands again.

I hope and pray you all go in peace so that the movement can try to find its moorings.

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As you REMEMBER, Earl -- THE CIP was selling this boat load of false papers telling us about ELECTIONS IN MAY. That turned out to be WISHFUL THINKING. CONJECTURE!!!

Now we know that IT EH HAPPENING in MAY or JUNE. And with one more postponement or deliberation -- we looking at OCTOBER. After all the BIG GRAND CHARGE.

YES!!! PAN PLAYERS MONIES TIED UP IN COURT -- at least through NOVEMBER. Because who ever win will have to SORT THINGS OUT including the MISSING EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Meanwhile STEELBAND in AMERICA networking and integrating and educating and SPREADING LIKE WILDFIRE.

But don't forget that WE is the MECCA OF THE STEELBAND!!!

But how come "pan players monies get tied up in court"? Aren't Steelbands not responsible for paying the people who work for them? Are the truckers, tuners, welders' monies tied up in court too?



The first time they get bold and united enough to say "NO PANORAMA" they will see how much POWER they really have. Ah sure glad a QUALIFIED MAN came on THE FORUM and throw a little bit of MUD in that pond of assertion that it was the 1979 BOYCOTT that KILL PAN ON THE ROAD.

And to take such a misguided notion and wear it around your cerebrum FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE -- Wake FREUD from the grave and he cannot remedy THAT FIXATION.

But this is 2018 and the WORLD HAS TURNED and TURNED!!! So wake up to TODAY!!!

However: I like that "you is not a Trinidadian" line that Martin Daly revealed in his article.

Ainsworth is quite correct pantrinbago has lost it's way ..Those Dinosaurs must go they are destructive to the fraternity..I will be in full agreement of

Ainsworth being the President  with other progressive individuals with one of their intention of scaling back and revamping and rationnalizing the organization,,


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