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So are we ready to ADMIT that PAN PROGRESS in PAN TRINBAGO is not going to happen in OUR LIFETIME?

I have never been to an AA meeting but I understand that the FIRST STEP is to admit that you HAVE A PROBLEM (powerless over alcohol and that your life has become unmanageable). So it is time for EXPATS on THIS FORUM to admit that they are POWERLESS OVER PAN TRINBAGO and that organization will continue to be CORRUPT and UNMANAGEABLE for DECADES to come.

New Visionaries, Concerned Individuals For Pan, BIG 5, Colin Lucas, Doctor Dolly, Best of the HUMAN CAPITAL in the FRATERNITY -- makes NO DIFFERENCE.

Look!!! Guyana went to THE COMMONWEALTH to get MANAGEMENT HELP to ensure that the petroleum industry contributes to sustainable economic and social development for the country. The first phase of the petroleum production is  NOT DUE to begin until 2020 with an estimated 450 million barrels. But The Commonwealth has been working with Guyana's Ministries of Natural Resources and Finance to effectively manage this resource -- way in advance.

I will continue to believe that there are plenty of resources OUTSIDE THE CIRCLE OF PAN down in Trinidad that could be TAPPED to bring about almost IMMEDIATE PROGRESS and not too distant success in bringing about SELF-SUFFICIENCY and GLOBAL RECOGNITION for PAN and PAN TRINBAGO and PAN PLAYERS.

But THE ORGANIZATION and its membership are just WAY TOO PROUD to make that ADMISSION!!!

I will continue to believe that in both CALYPSO/SOCA MUSIC and PAN we have the ingredients for GLOBAL MUSIC. And I will continue to believe that both the CALYPSO/SOCA community and the STEELBAND community lack the ADMINISTRATIVE SKILLS (and GLOBAL VISION) to deliver the PRODUCT.

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Please re-read this line

"Concerned Individuals for Pan has a document which PROPOSES 68 suggestions on improving the system which Pan Trinbago operates under."

And this one
"We would like your input. Be sure to make suggestions and offer constructive criticisms."

"Suggestion to improve the document would be accepted, deliberated and possibly incorporated."

Your observation may have merit, and I am sure those would would be considered again.

"And yuh better bring dem "former Ex-Pats" from the CIP TEAM on THIS FORUM for some VETTING. Ah doubt anyone ah dem could make it through an INTERVIEW with ME when it comes to GLOBAL PLANNING for the INSTRUMENT and RECORDING GLOBAL PAN MUSIC and building GLOBAL NETWORKS and GENERATING CASHFLOW from FOREIGN back down to the islands and interacting with FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS to WIDELY GLOBALIZE THE MUSIC."

I don't know if anyone who has a useful contribution to make,would want to be subjected to validation,by any forumite.....they may even ask me why doesn't the volunteering validators,do some of the actual work?......what should I answer?

Oswald: I don't think you could present ONE person to me who even understands THE CHALLENGE! And we eh talking about IMPLEMENTATION as yet!

So the INTERVIEW TING is just my usual OLE TALK!!!


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