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So what are the ANNUAL DUES ($ AMOUNT) that STEELBANDS have to PAY to PAN TRINBAGO to stay FINANCIAL?

Everything FINANCIAL is a BIG SECRET with PAN TRINBAGO. But somebody must know the answer to this question. And are there LATE CHARGES?

And who gives FORTEAU the power to just "waiver" his hands and give NON-FINANCIAL BANDS the POWER TO VOTE ... but only if they VOTE for SHEPPARD as PRESIDENT and FORTEAU as SECRETARY?

Allyuh really going and sit down and watch FORTEAU steal this election from ALLYUH?

Say something, nah -- Mr. Trevor Cooper!!! You is ah man know all about these PAN TRINBAGO HUSTLERS!!!

Oh, I made a mistake!!! Is 185 FINANCIAL BANDS on the list -- not 183!!! But like FORTEAU SAY: That is a PRELIMINARY LIST -- so by ELECTION SUNDAY it might be 210!!!


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