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Let me put it this way when we pick a song for panorama are we picking a song that can get the players and crowd involved or we picking a song for us to play. 

I ask this i am 40 and this is the 1st time my mom and dad came to a panorama in NY and said hey we understand the song what the bands are playing and we can sing along. lets go to saturday night, we sat and watched the panorama and every band that came on they where humming along and said bands should play more songs what people know.

I seen a post saying that they should make it a law where big bands should only play songs composed by the band or from other pan men like boogsie etc, does it make sense to play something that you alone knows and then sit back and complain your song didnt get airplay etc 

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Yes Cess! I did read your pre-Panorama comments which led me to believe you might have decathected from your beloved arranger and band.

But I know that wasn't the case — you were simply calling it as you 'saw' it. That pleased me.

I unfortunately did not pickup your post-Panorama congratulatory remarks. I apologize.

I agree that some of the songs composed for pan posted on WST are sub standard but it's bigger than the guy trying to compose the song because in most cases he/she  can't even afford an established arranger and or producer to make a good finish product , even though their idea may have a lot of potential.and as for getting an established artiste to perform your song only a select few will even answer your call or email far more listen to what you had to offer.

It's not an easy fix because it all leads right back to economics and history has shown that some of the most talented musicians came from very humble beginnings, the positive in all this is there are still a few established musicians that are willing to assist the up and coming individuals and they're the people than can help solve this problem that exist.

Contrary to popular belief music  is a labor of love for most musicians and it has worsened in recent times!!

I made reference the bands playing tunes composed by Ray, Andy, Boogsie, Pelham, Prof. and Bradley.

Anthony Joseph: You are a very informed man. If I show you the little broken down shack in San Pablo, California where METALLICA used to practice -- talk about "very humble beginnings".

Steelbands today have to get from behind others doing things for them and do stuff on their own. things like taking a part of carnival and showcasing themselves, organize to find ways to promote and develop each other. just have product to sell.

Well when wast the last we get a good dvd for sale from trinidad, 

At least 6 or 7 years. The whole thing boils down to a definite lack of business acumen. A shortage of black (African) business men who are not just in it for the quick buck just for themselves. How many actually own recording companies? Studios? Production companies?  I've seen articles in the press stating that tourism is down. But because there are no media companies wholly owned by black people willing to promote steelband and carnival, hotels are always looking at attracting the business world but no one takes tourist seriously. Finally while the young turks shoot each other, the country gets adverse foreign press. It is surely time for a big clean-up as far as gangs and drugs are concerned. 43 days into the year a small country like
T & T has no right to have 60 -70 murders . Time to Clean-up.

 It really makes me mad.

Randi: That is the MOST PROFOUND posting I have on this forum in a VERY LONG TIME!!! But the solutions are VERY COMPLEX and politically costly. And when you consider that everybody is pushing an INDIVIDUAL AGENDA as opposed to a NATION BUILDING agenda -- things could only get WORSE!!!

You will never believe that KEITH DIAZ and I share similar philosophies on the CRIME SOLUTION (mine are a little bit bore draconian). But it is all OLE TALK!!! Because the LEADERSHIP is not willing to pay the price!!!

Unfortunately my solution would make draconian measures look like mother theresa and because I'm not willing to express my true thoughts on an open forum,

Suffice to say "Clean-up" is a euphemism for saying never mind the privy counsel execute execute, execute.


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