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What does the opponents of the current administration intend to accomplish as a pressure group attempting to stage a palace coup with no designated leader? What are their objectives if as the apparent de facto leader advocates, they have no intention of running for office in an effort to replace that which they have identified as undesirable? I have never heard of any movement that has risen up in opposition to oppression that does not have a designated leader, or have selected a team from within its ranks, who aspire to, and/or are supported from within the movement to assume leadership roles in an effort to take the trophy to a higher level. The loudest voice of the pressure group on this forum has clearly indicated that although assigned the task of leadership, there is no support for any leadership role within the organization they are attempting to overrun. That is a recipe for confusion, for chaos, an invitation to sellout to the highest bidder, whoever that may be.

Iraq would have been governable today if Saddam was still in control. Libya would not have been a failed state if Gadaffi was not murdered. Egypt may have been much more prosperous and stable if Mubarak was still in office. The foregoing examples identify situations that are similar to what the established pressure group may be on the path to creating in the pan world, quite likely, and inadvertently handing control of PANTRINBAGO to puppets selected and/or supported by the NCC, or some other figurehead appointed by the government of the day who's subvention they are reliant on for their survival. 

There seems to be no concrete plans to make the pan movement self sufficient in the interim, or does the opposition seem to have the support of dedicated financiers who are willing to invest in, and/or underwrite recurrent expenditure, research and development, or infrastructure. As Herbert Clark Hoover who served as the 31st President of the United States from 1929 to 1933 during the Great Depression advocated, “Older men declare war. But it is youth that must fight and die.”. I see a case where older men may have declared war in an effort to rise to power, while youth are fighting, and shall die without honor. Remember George Orwell warned us of Napoleon The Pig in Animal Farm, while Deng Ming-Dao a Chinese American author, artist, philosopher, teacher and martial artist taught us that “Some Warriors look fierce, but are mild. Some seem timid, but are vicious. Look beyond appearances; position yourself for the advantage.”

I clearly the foregoing sayings in action in the conversations. The management of change is necessary, it is not obvious. Everyone has a plan until they’ve been hit. In the battle for 14-17 Park Street, Port of Spain, it seems that “All the war-propaganda, all the screaming and lies and hatred, comes invariably from people who are not fighting.” (George Orwell)

Just a voice crying in the wilderness with no express interest in which way the boat rocks, but an onlooker being entertained by the antics of the circus, its performers and ringleaders.

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Thanks. This is a timely well thought out reply to all the posturing bad-mouthing. Somebody is thinking. Let's see or hear what the naysayers have to offer. Let's see the manifesto.



If you start at the wrong premise,your conclusions would certainly be wrong.

It is not "The battle is not for 14-17 Park Street,Port of Spain"

It's a WAR on BAD governance.

It's a WAR on an Executive that came to the membership at the 2016 AGM,and claimed PanTrinbago was under attack by the NCC and the GROTT.

Mr Providence,are you aware that the the membership overwhelmingly voted "NO Panorama" unless the GROTT treated with PanTrinbago's concerns.

Mr Providence do you know that is the STRONGEST Mandate the General Body have given an Executive in DECADES.

Mr Providence are you aware that the Executive betrayed that Mandate and NEGOTIATED with the NCC for worse conditions than what they told the AGM, are totally unacceptable.

Mr Providence do you know who in PT is responsible for paying for CARS,that is STILL not in PT's possession?

Mr Providence do you know that  PanTrinbago is reported to be some $30Million in debt?

Mr Providence do you know of the health of the ATTSDC and the costs (legal,financial,ethical) attached.

Mr Providence do you know of the health of the IAS and the costs (legal,financial,ethical) attached.

Keep on being entertained Mr Providence,but "What's fun fuh schoolboy.is death fuh Crapaud"

Ah wonder if Russell Providence is Bro Scobie "nom de plume" ?

De man making the same accusations,and conveniently forgetting that it was the Executive who sold out the membership to the NCC.

This transparent attempt to blame the membership for the Executive betrayal, re NCC taking over......is more folly!

Mr  Alexander, I think u misconstrued Mr Providence's comments. All he is saying is that if you want to unseat d current administration u must have people who will take over d leadership. So far none of the protagonists in this "WAR" as u put it, have come out and said I want 2 b P T's President. That's why he cited Iraq & Libya, where the americans went in and after deposing  Saddam & Gaddafi then had 2 search 4 someone 2 take over & both countries still  in turmoil. So Diaz & Forteau go, who is positioned 2 take over. Who has been identified as the new leader? U need 2 have a team ready to start 2 serve.

Well, Sherman, from my perspective, there is NOBODY in that entire PAN FRATERNITY who has the VISION to lead PAN in the GLOBAL BATTLE that is taking place all around the world right now. So I am looking at the new leadership through a very narrow lens which is: As long as they dey doh TIEF all the money like KEITH DIAZ -- let them RUN THE TING. Not that I don't agree with Russell on many levels because I have taken some of those same snipes along this forum road. I know that there is going to be a civil war in the CIP if they ever GAIN POWER. I have a LIST of all the aspirants to power and I have mockingly mentioned that many times on this forum and been dared to show it. But I do have it!!! And I do know what's coming next.

But you cannot leave an executive with that level of CORRUPTION in office. You cannot condone CORRUPTION!!!

Mr Fyfe,

Please take some time and read the documents CIP has posted on these pages.

If you do so you would see where we are asking Members to be more proactive in PanTrinibago,to suggest persons to be candidates for Office, and advised members that a change of Personalities alone,would lead to the "same ole"

Do you think that what Bro Scobie is saying through Mr Providence has not been discussed at length.

Do you know the present Executive is looking for a target...any target for their Vitriol.....when there is none so far....~.let me withdraw that~ A long time and recent colleague/confidant of the President,now foe ( not aligned to the CIP) made it known at the AGM that he would be seeking the Presidency.

Do you know that what Mr Providence writes here cannot be posted/ discussed on PanTrinbago's Page.

Do be too bother Mr Fyfe, those who propose to seek office would be examined by the CIP (including those who support CIP) and we hope that bands would seek the best interest of the Movement,by voting into office the persons who would make the required changes to take us from the Abbys we have found ourselves in. 

Dear Mr. Alexander it seems that ignorance, incompetence, short-sightnedness, and functional illiteracy may be only some of your deficiencies. Any ardent observer with the capacity to read and comprehend, a competence I am certain you do not posses, which therefore makes you woefully unqualified, and even useless in any attempt you may make to dissect my contribution, would be able to detect , and say without fear of contradiction that I hold no brief for THE PRO of all persons whom in a previous conversation I described as THE SARAH HUCKERBEE SANDERS of PANTRINBAGO, or any member of the sitting executive. If you were a sensible and informed person you may have been able to identify the sacarsm and derogatory intent of the foregoing description. You have again exposed the CIP of which you are an obvious supporter/backer of as a useless movement that can only take the steel band movement back decades.

This following statement documented in your response (If you do so you would see where we are asking Members to be more proactive in PanTrinibago,to suggest persons to be candidates for Office, and advised members that a change of Personalities alone,would lead to the "same ole) exposes how dotish, backward and unproductive the CIP, it's principals and initiative is. The foregoing statement displays your movement's inability and incapacity to lead anything, and anyone with sense, and as Mr. Gonzales accurately stated can only be the primary cause of A CIVIL WAR within the movement, sentiments agreed with by Mr. Fyfe. I hope that the rank and file of steel bands, and steel bands men  sit up and take note, as it is obvious that the CIP keep pushing their most sterile and bankrupt, albeit LOUD appendages up front as pawns are in a chess game. You are just a pawn, you are worthless to the progress of the steel band movement, as you do not possess the capacity or ability to be productive or innovative, you have demonstrated that you are unable to think outside of the box and have no plan/s to take the steel band movement forward pass PANORAMA AND $1000. This discussion is not worth my time, as the steel band movement in Trinidad and Tobago will continue to lag behind the progress that Pan is making globally with people like you and the CIP only displaying,  as Eric Williams immortalized your willingness and intent to be Mill Stones around the neck of the steel band movement.

EVERYBODY looking to RUN PAN TRINBAGO. And if man was really serious they could set up a little private TWO or THREE MAN operation and accomplish more than all the TEN EXECUTIVES in PAN TRINBAGO without the need for OFFICE and TITLES.

I would rather to be hooked on HEROIN and CRACK than to be HOOKED on that PNM DEPENDENCY SYNDROME.

And man still talking about the NEXT ELECTION. Even if America and Russia give all of their NUCLEAR WEAPONS to the CIP they still don't have enough RADIATION to move KEITH DIAZ from 14-17 Park Street.

That two or three, or even four man team may already in place, but these people will be the sensible and experienced persons who will be fully aware of the inability of the Aquils and the Alexanders to be any part of any serious decision making body or team, as they have already demonstrated their capacity to "make confusion" and seem only capable of "raising their voices". to the chorus of someone else's tune They have not demonstrated their ability to be measured, to be diplomatic to be innovative, to be tactful, to lead or be an integral part of any leadership or negotiating team. They are displaying to me that they are only the "MIC MEN" in an election campaign, who after the election is won have to make an appointment and sit and wait to see the man they campaigned for, while his peers who were at home sleeping in their bed walks into his office whenever they chooses. These are the men who will have to make more noise for URP jobs while the $M contracts and board appointments are handed out over their heads. Let the chips fall where they may. 

Therein lies the problem. Providence resorts to name calling because Alexander finds his writings to be eerily similar to that of Bro. Scopie. Really,  is that necessary?

O.A asks if R.P is aware of certain things within to PT org. and all hell breaks loose. Back to square one.

Everybody want to repeal and replace, buh whey allyuh plan?

Do you recall what Newton's third law states? It was foolish and insulting to equate my thoughts with that of the PRO. it is reckless divisive and counter productive to equate my suggestions what what has been discussed at length. It is empty, bankrupt, sterile and backward to point out a multiplicity of problems without even attempting to suggest one solution.

-No solutions

-No agenda

-No clear path forward

-No clear leader

-No clear leadership goals

-No time frame for assessment of initiatives

-No contingency plans.

These men are just as we say in Trinidad and Tobago, "Only Playing De Arse"

That does not diminish my disgust for the position the current leadership has the steel band movement in, their lack of accountability and transparency, their undemocratic practices and corrupt ways, but I cannot agree to replace SPIT with SALIVA.


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