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What a sad show - with WIADCA as the "Evil Empire" up for best actor and USSA up for best supporting actor for the role of "King Stupid".  

USSA you betrayed the New York pan community.

If I was WIADCA, I would not pay the steelbands for 2016 and 2017. They did not play on any stage.  And they sent the judges home. This was not a Panorama. I've seen better band launches than this.

So sad. RIP.

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That's not true CH, Public Knowledge/ Public Domain, NEWS / NEWSDAY SECTION A Saturday January 9, 2010 Page 5 By Darcel Choy reads "Minor cut in NCC allocation, $32 M for pan, mas, calypso. PAN, Mas and calypso have to share a thin slice of $122 million allocated to the National Carnival Commission (NCC) this year, It is expected that this sum would not be enough to help Pantrinbago, the National Carnival Bands Association and the Trinidad Unified Calypsonians Organization, to cover the cost of their major shows, but Culture Minister Marlene Mc Donald said, this was what the NCC could only afford, and appealed to the private sector to come foward with financial support... I will be posting this article on WST so Y'ALL can read/judge for yourselves, all this was in 2010, and I know for a fact that the real total was $250, a quater billion T&T DOLLARS, they only admit to getting $122 million tt dollars, what happened to the rest OF WE MONEY??? do not believe anything these crooks say CH...


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