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Phase II won its first North Panorama title in 1977 playing "I Like To Beat Pan" before winning the National Panorama Competition in 1987 playing "Feeling Nice". They have also produced other legendary favorites like "I Music", "Musical Wine", "Fire Down Below", and "Birthday Party". They have come close to winning Panorama so many times that some players within the band comically suggest that they be given a plaque commemorating the most second place finishes in the history of Panorama.

This article covers BOOGSIE and PHASE II through 2005.

After seeing what little acclaim BOOGSIE SHARPE was given in a recent WST discussion on "ARRANGERS IMPACTING PANORAMA" I decided to bring "THE BOOGSIE SHARPE STORY" to the forum.

Boogsie Sharpe (and PHASE II) created history in 1987 by becoming the first un-sponsored band to win the national Panorama competition, as well as the first band to do so performing its own tune. This feat was repeated in 1988!!!  

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Ten Dozen!
Claude my friend, Boogsie is family,and anyone who says anything derogatory about him,especially without merit and or reason,,,I am going to defend him. I have seen with my eyes what Boogsie is capable of when it comes to Pan,and I can boldly say he IS BORN WITH A GIFT,,,,,everybody else had to learn to play Pan ,,,he was born that way.Have a Blessed Night.

Oh Morning Glory...don't be so thin-skinned meh brother....there is no arranger who has never been criticized...Maitland gave "his opinion"...there is nothing to defend there...

So all posters,be informed Len "Boogsie" Sharpe is no ordinary PANIST,he is gifted from the Creator. Peace and Love.
Martin my brother,,, I understand what you are saying,,,,it's just that I have been a witness to Boogsie's greatness First hand,live and direct,,,,not in Panorama ,not in a show or concert,,,and I know that he has been given a gift from the Creator. I don't mean any disrespect to you personally, I really would like people to know what he is truly capable of,as most people have only seen him in shows etc. Whatever mistakes he has made ,""and we all have""",still cannot take away his talents and gifts from him.That's what I am trying to convey to everyone. Stay Blessed.
Aye my brother, Merrytones, I don't mean to be as you say thin skinned,,, you know I am an old soldier,who will not leave a fellow soldier in a fire fight. We all have a right to voice our opinions,,,so Peace and Love to everyone.


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