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Last Monday was the day that GREGORY LINDSAY promised that the FAT LADY WILL SING!!!

I sure would like to see the CIP stand up like BIG MEN and say: WE LOSS; DIAZ IS BOSS!!!

Cecil: Between AFTER PANORAMA and the OCTOBER 2018 general election -- ah eh in that OLE TALK with the CIP again. Yuh on yuh own.

Everybody in TRINIDAD sending me all kinda ah email telling me: Claude yuh is ah REAL STUPID FOREIGN USED COLLABORATOR to be backing the CIP.

It's clear that I have to change the way I express myself on this forum. Because I never BACK THE CIP and I never JUMP ON RUSSELL PROVIDENCE BANDWAGON. And yet I am burdened with the responsibility of those two political positions.

Mea Culpa Mea Culpa Mea Maxima Culpa!!!

My real problem is that I see what is happening with PAN IN AMERICA and how TRINIDAD losing the BRAND -- so I am hoping that the people down there will open their eyes and see the CRISIS AT HAND and come up with a UNIFIED PLAN. But this forum is extremely instructive because you CANNOT get three people to AGREE ON ANYTHING -- one WHITE WOMAN write a book on HOW TO START a STEELBAND IN SCHOOL IN AMERICA and now we have over 800 STEELBANDS IN SCHOOL all across AMERICA.


Anyway, WE HAVE PANORAMA -- the GREATEST STEELBAND COMPETITION in the WORLD. And ALL AH WE agree on that -- except for merrytonestothebone!!!


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who say my manger (Mr. Claude) is not a CIP supporter? local palance "doh geh tie-up". however i can understand the mixup.

we all know that Mr. Caude is racially charge, wether it's of his race or not.

check out.

UNC hight ranking officials with racial agenda. (indians). 

Donal trump. with his racial agenda. (Whites).

Mr Diaz and his executive and their racial statements ' we african must stick together'

So Mr. Claude thats the only reason ppl think you against us because we are not racially charge.

and one other thing, ppl can identify when we just shit talking and when we are serious. lol.

mite have some time today to give you guys an update. Keep supporting because once this president preside over all pan affaires we are destine for destruction.


Gregory: Whole morning ah waiting to hear the FAT LADY sing!!! Come on man!!! Give us some news about the REVOLUTION!

Now 2 Facebook groups, Pan Paparazzi 160 members & Crackshots and Hitters 329 members...doh want to hear no kinda boycott talk about NoPanorama2018 under this executive..


The players are the most important resource for this competition.Without the players, there can be no competition.

At this juncture, bandleaders are CONFLICTED between the motion to remove the executive and going to Panorama 2018.

Going to Panorama equates to relinquishing to the status quo modus operandi of the President's and his executives reign of abrogation of delegates constitutional rights, pertaining to lack of adherence to recognition of a motion presented and seconded from the floor membership.

Bandleaders are CONFLICTED, in that they have signed the petition to remove the executive, but they are prepared to go to Panorama at all costs....even if it means screwed over the players for a third year in a row.

What is the SOLUTION:

the 22 million budget proposed by NCC, sanctioned by PanTrinbago; has committed to the rallying cry on behalf of all players on behalf of PLAYERS...who are the embodiment of any National Competition occurring period..

PLAYERS..please .be informed,..be watchful be vigilant...

pantrinadmin / Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Pan Trinbago Central Executive categorically states that a document titled Panorama 2018 Revised Draft Budget is not an official Pan Trinbago Document.

This document is being circulated by person or persons, whose intention do not appear to be good.

After Pan Trinbago would have presented to the new National Carnival Commission Board its Budget Proposals for discussion and agreement, a meeting would follow.

It is surmised that the Circulated Draft Budget could have been shared by some one who did not want to be identified.

As usual any changes to the  Panorama Budget will  be the subject of a Meeting called for the purpose.

The Central Executive ask that the membership ignore the document that was circulated, since it is not yours.


Excellent!....This is what I was waiting for....A written confirmation from PanTrinbago to the world regarding, a budgetary framework ratified by a NCC negotiation team and by a PanTrinbago negotiation team with Richard Forteau, Andrew Salvador and Darren Sheppard, co-opted on behalf of President Diaz, for and on behalf of the delegate membership of PanTrinbago purporting to be a now FAKE 2018 Panorama Prize Structure......

NOW we shall all wait to hear the sweet pronouncements from the goodly Dr. The Honorable Nyan Gadsby-Dolly, Minister of Culture.....Over to you Madame Minister......

Gregory: If you are expecting DOCTOR DOLLY to bail you out of eating that shirt ... man, yuh stock just drop like KEITH DIAZ weight!!!

Madame Minister's job is to produce a SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL (like yuh doh read yuh own local newspapers or what) and KEITH DIAZ (and the CURRENT EXECUTIVE) is CRITICAL to a SUCCESSFUL CARNIVAL.


What is the latest update, GREGORY LINDSAY?

Like the FAT LADY doing ah prolonged mike check or what? Ah cyar hear she singing AT ALL.

Aye Claude the fat lady sing already, she sing without a mic. it's only those closest the stage heard her.

Gregory Lindsay: When I was a LITTLE BOY growing up in TRINIDAD there was a TEN FOOT POLE. And what was unique about that TEN FOOT POLE was that you COULD NOT TOUCH ANYTHING WITH IT.

So it seems to me now that the same TEN FOOT POLE must be still around and now you are using it to try to CHOOK Keith Diaz out of office with the TEN FOOT POLE.

But like in all dem years nothing eh change in TRINIDAD because you CANNOT TOUCH KEITH DIAZ with a TEN FOOT POLE.


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