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What i'm hearing is total dissonance, in other words NOISE, music is about voices and or instruments in conversation with each other, not aguments, the last good panorama I've heard was in 1978, "Starlift" since then, total dissonance / noise, myself and Anthony Williams the VISIONARY, has already seen where "pan's'" journey will be concluding, by 2200, the instrument will be extinct, and the future generation will discover it, implying that an ALIEN derived it, because the instrument isn't been used for the purpose in which it was intended, pan was derived via sprithual enlightenment, NOT just panorama alone, the music festivals has been infringed as well...

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JJJ: We agree on that "NOISE" TING -- YEARS AGO.

Dem fellahs give up the REVOLUTION already and dey gone chasing PANORAMA/NOISE!!!


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