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Which Arranger Made The Biggest Impact On Our Large Bands Panorama?

From 1963 to Present Which Large Band Panorama Arranger Had The Biggest Impact on Our Panorama Music. Why Would You Choose That Arranger?

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That's my point exactly


This list of 23 performances listed under "Panorama Best" is as a result of your opinion, right? 

A.L.Nunes: I love how you LOVE RENEGADES!!!! I like people with PASSION!!!

You may call it my opinion if you like but be realistic and ask anyone around the world to name a band and the tune they played…We are talking about some of the best tunes or impact tunes over the decades.

Each and every one had an impact on panorama for one reason or another, however this is just a short list of the many excellent tunes over the years. 

So All Stars Doh Back Back is one of the performances that has made an impact on Panorama for one reason or another...........the reason for All Stars Panorama "impact" in 1984 was the 17.5 marks beating Renegades put on them.....a record that was held for 21 years until 2005 and that's not just my opinion, it's a fact.

What goes around comes around.

I am 100% sure, if you asked anyone to name a tune All Stars played, someone will say Doh Back Back. Will anyone remember Renegades played Sweet Pan in 1984? 

We all in evidence that night knew All Stars won. After all they got the peoples choice that year for the finals.

The point is win or lose the tune had it's impact on Panorama and pan around the world.

Where was Renegades when All Stars put a licking on all of them in 1986 with The Hammer?

Renegades was not even in the top 3

The people's choice. Why? Because "Doh back back" was the clear road march that year....extremely popular tune sung by none other than Sparrow..........a situation rather similar this year like also in 2006 remember?

No Martin. In spite of the "no points" viewpoint of "road march popularity", music clearly won in '84 with Renegades' "Sweet Pan"........and like I said it wasn't by .5 marks either!

Now 1986. Renegades had a bad performance..... like in '83. Jit in '86 was on his first "hattrick' attempt in 5 years ('82-'86) during which time he won 3 out of 5 Panoramas.

In 1986, everyone was hammered....a hands down win. I am certainly not disputing that! In fact, I think All Stars was also given the highest mark thus far in any Panorama.....another very popular and highly topical tune composed and sung by the then young king David Rudder in honour of the passing of a pan icon in Rudolf Charles.

AL Nunes, I understand your point but you are incorrect in your assessments on both fronts of road march.

Doh Back Back was selected months before it even had the potential of being road march. I would say it was the same this year with Full Extreme. In October when the songs are chosen or even September, you would defiantly have to be a clairvoyant to see that as a definite road march song.

Point for example…Socouyant by Crazy was road march in 1985, but that didn't equate to panorama champs for All Stars.  

Back then All Stars only played popular tunes or party tunes. 

The question is unnecessary unanswerable and irrelevant.

It would be the same as asking who is the best composer of classic music. Bach-Beethoven-Brahms-Tchaikovsky-Mozart etc.

Every arranger has a personal unique style - don't belittle our arrangers by asking who is the best, please.

according to the question iwill have to sa Bobbe mohammed,   before his time, steelbands used to play much slower, since after Gueness cam and Mash-up Town   the bands started to play with more tempo, much faster     to present,,

The question was asked, From 63 to Present Which Large Band Panorama Arranger had The Biggest "Impact" on Our Panorama Music and Why you Choose That Arranger?

By Khalick J. Hewitt
Special Edition, November 29, 2005

Let us celebrate Clive Bradley who gave us great music for Panorama

"As we celebrate Clive’s passing I call on Pantrinbago not to let his memory die by naming the Panorama first prize trophy “The Clive Bradley Arranger's Trophy” for best arranger because it is the arrangements that allow steelbands to claim that treasured prize. What better way to celebrate one of our geniuses!"


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