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It just looks as if the NEXT legitimate attempt to remove this corrupt executive will come in OCTOBER 2018.

Gregory and Dane and Aquil gave it a good shot; but the RIGHT HONOURABLE KEITH DIAZ is just too politically skilled to be overthrown by subjects from his kingdom.

I am a bit surprised that more people do not understand the politics like KEITH DIAZ and DOCTOR DOLLY and I do.

But it is what it is!!!

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When will young people wake up and realize that they are the future and that they have stop searching for excuses to remain dependent on old ancient ideaologies? Wake up and take charge of the future of this beautiful artform. Young people, take charge for yourselves and the future...not because a bunch of old farts like mehself looking for support to oust another bunch of old farts to perpetuate the same old farting. Very soon after getting involved in the Steelband movement 40-odd years ago, at 17 years of age, I understood that YOUTH has to drive Pan. 40 years on...YOUTH waiting on ole people to call shots. Waiting and complaining...Why?…I wonder if it’s because the same ole farts who are clearly all bereft of new ideas leading them to do just that. 

A sad reality of Pan that I have observed over the years is that most young people who play the instrument lack responsibility. It could well be that we older folk have taught them that it is ok…We go fix it…We go get the pans…We go arrange the music…We go feed the players…We go organize the transport…etc etc…So in turn what do our young members do? Wait for the next Panorama to try to earn as much money illegally by playing for as many bands as is humanly possible, also because we old farts make them believe it is good and right so to do. Take the stupid advice of an old fart…It is wrong in a competitive environment to play for more than one band. It is counter-productive for one individual to arrange for more than one band too, simply because it stunts the much needed growth of younger arrangers. But then again, clearly you young guns don’t mind that. “Once allyuh get the ‘thousand dollars’ allyuh good”!

It is time the YOUTH of the Steelband world, locally at least, wake up and take charge of their future. Numerous possibilities exist…Numerous examples abound…Johnathan Scales, the young arrangers from Brooklyn, Andre White (who Desperadoes foolishly cast aside), Mia…(Lord help meh ah sounding like Claude now)…Don’t expect us old people to ALLOW you to. Take it from me…We won’t because too many of us are contented to re-live the days of yore and ignore present-day steel band challenges. Take charge of the present debacle facing Pan Trinbago and by extension Pan. As it stands who ent ‘fraid, frighten since the people talking the loudest also lamenting that “they don’t want to hold office.” So tell meh nah?…If not allyuh…Who? Don’t you realize that you are simply cutting road for other old farts to run on? As Bro Velentino so eloquently put it some years ago…”We go end up right back in de friggin tent”. (With Keith or some other friggin old fart).

merrytonestothebone: Yuh make meh blood crawl with that post!!!

All I can say is that you are an INDEPENDENT-MINDED MOFO!!

And don't ask me to translate the last word in the last sentence!!!

Gangsta days numbered. -  Cock Roach flying.


WST - “If there was one thing in Pan you could change immediately what would that be?”

Darrielle M.-C. - “ Pan Trinbago”

Thoughts from a young person in pan

Very logical analysis and I hope that the youth - if they can read and understand - will start their journey to create an organization that will represent players and not bands

Young people don't have any interest in the steelband because it's not profitable for them, panorama has bankrupt the steelband, too much stress for zero financial gain.

The Steelband NEED the old people to put back pan on the streets to create an opportunity share in the carnival win-fall, when young people see there is an opportunity for financial gain they will apply themselves, if this is not done I see little hope.

Cecil, "financial gain" IS the problem. There is too much interest(pardon the pun) in the finance. The steel pan is no longer circular, it has taken the shape of a $ (dollar sign).

patrick ramdoo, this is the shape of the world we live in.

Agreed, but must it have a dishonest tag hanging from it?

Patrick Ramdoo: The CONCERNED INDIVIDUALS FOR PAN have to start playing HARD BALL or just leave the playing field. Now, if they want to hire me as a political consultant, I can devise a plan to destabilize the KEITH DIAZ ADMINISTRATION with a sophisticated propaganda machinery that will have people running for cover. But these guys have not yet entered the modern era of political warfare.

So I have to leave them alone!!!

This one is for you Cecil...:

WST - “In your opinion, what do you think is the place of the annual Panorama competition, with respect to the overall art form in Trinidad & Tobago? And is Panorama a curse or a blessing?”

Darrielle M.-C. - “To me Panorama is both a blessing and a curse. I consider it a curse because of the way that it has transformed over the years. Now, I haven't been around that long, but before it seemed as though people played in bands for the love of the instrument. Now, it seems as though people play for the money they receive at the end. On the other hand, I consider it a blessing because the overall experience is one-of-a-kind. Performing on the big stage, becoming part of an overall unit, sort of like a family away from home, meeting new people - nothing compares to it.”

- See more at: http://www.panonthenet.com/woman/2017/darrielle-mylan-charles.htm#s...


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