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United Pan Players Movement -- Agenda Items For emergency Meeting

  1. A motion will be made at Tuesday’s December 10, 2017 Emergency Meeting for the Entire Central Executive under Acting President of Pan Trinbago, Richard Forteau to step down with immediate effect….following the installation of a 90 Day Interim Committee comprising of the Four Regional Chairmen of Pan Trinbago Inc., as well as 3 Other  Members-At-Large.
  2. The Three Members at Large will be Messrs. Keron Valentine, Keith Byer and Michael Marcano.
  3. The mandate of the interim committee will two-fold -:
    1. To hold Central Executive Elections in 90 Days.
    2. To Operationalize in conjunction with the NCC the operations of Panorama 2017,…providing that some consensual conditions are met:
      1. The immediate payment of all outstanding remittances to pan players from Carnival 2016.
      2. That the remittance for players for the year 2017 shall be $1000.00TTD, and further to that, that the Panorama Rules regarding players being permitted to performing in one band only .will be changed to accommodate the permission framework as with the arrangers, that is…players will be allowed to play for one band per category,….at a remittance of $1000.00 TTD per band in each category….
      3. That the enforcement and regulation of that rule to prevent as that which has occurred in the past occurrences….what currently occurs …that is the players and names racket…..will be jointly managed by the NCC and Pan Trinbago to ensure the verification and validation of players, and their respective performances with their various orchestras in the various categories.
  4. It is proposed that NLCB handles ticketing through its outlets and Gate receipts will be under the control of NCC, to the benefit of Pan Trinbago to begin chipping away at that $31,000,000.00 TTD debt.
  5. A Secretary is being considered for the Interim Committee is being considered. Secretary of the Northern Region of Pan Trinbago Ms. Desiree Myers was considered…As at this time; no consensus has been made regarding this important interim appointment
  6. Mr. Keith Byer, Chairman of Siparia Diatonics, former Vice President of Pan Trinbago has met with Mr. Michael Marcano, President of BP Renegades, also former Vice President of Pan Trinbago, as it relates to the drafting of the motion for Tuesday’s  Emergency meeting. They will draft the motion for presentation for the Emergency Meeting.
  7. The Chairmanship of the Interim Committee herein referred to as the Interim President of Pan Trinbago Inc., shall and will appoint a Panorama Management Committee for 2017, and assume the reins of the organization operating within Act 5 of 1986, and the current constitution of Pan Trinbago Inc.

From the Newsdesk of United Players Movement


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