Antigua & Barbuda - The stage is set for the 2011 Antigua & Barbuda National Panorama competition. On Thursday 28th July, six steel orchestras - including newcomer East Vibes - will be taking part in the competition at Carnival City (Antigua’s Recreation Grounds).  Halcyon, the defending champion and also celebrating its 40th anniversary, will try to hold on to its crown.  Below is a list of Antigua & Barbuda’s steel orchestras competing in this year’s national Panorama, the tunes which will be performed, their respective arrangers, and composers.

2011 Antigua & Barbuda Panorama Selections and Bands
Order of Appearance Band Sponsor Selection Artist Arranger
#1 Ebonites Cool & Smooth


“Nobody Go Run Me”

Short Shirt

Aubrey “Lacu” Samuel





Hell’s Gate







“Satan Coming Down”




Khan Cordice




East Vibes




“Panorama Night”


Curtis “CC” Cochrane


Curtis “CC” Cochrane

#4 Halcyon


Hadeed Group of Companies/AMP


“Don’t Stop the Party”



Victor “Babu” Samuel

#5 Gemonites WIOC


Mighty Lion


Patrick “Stone” Johnson

#6 Harmonites CaribSeas “50 Years”

De Pan Man


Aubrey “Lacu” Samuel

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  • Hi,

    The full title of The tune by Harmonites is "Tribute to Swallow - 50 Years".


  • Hi,

    There are a couple of inaccuracies in this release. 

    1. This is not a Junior Panorama.

    2. The persons you have listed as the arrangers are in fact the Composers and vice versa.

    3. The song to be played by Harmonites is "Tribute to Swallow" - performed by De Panman and composed by De Original Defosto Himself. The sponsor of the band is Carib Seas.

    4. Gemonites is sponsored by WIOC

    5. Hells Gate is sponsored by LIME 

This reply was deleted.