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Congratulations to Salah's Steelpan Academy on their fifth consecutive Montreal Panorama victory.

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Congratulation once again Salah.



Thanks Web...see you in Toronto


Good job Salah, next stop TO.

Yeah Cecil

Thanks for the support ...join us in TO

The Salah's Steel Pan Academy ensemble played brilliantly, as it always does, and the crowd at Parc Jean Drapeau who came to watch on Sunday evening were enthusiastic and appreciative of all the bands who participated. 

Trevor from WST was there filming, so there will be videos to watch. 

This is an international competition, so bands from all over the world could potentially be participating in future.  The day before --Saturday-- was Carnival in Montreal, with the Carifiesta parade travelling all the way through the center of the city. 

Look out world!  Here comes Montreal!

Congratulations to Salah for being the powerhouse behind this weekend.

Yes Mark

congrats to all the bands and performers ...for a job well done...we see the great potential for growth and we will harness that potential.....We expect more bands from all over the world next year as we will be working deligently for the next few months...special congrats to your band (CCAH) I thought you all were great and was really 'Doing Something for Pan' . I expect and look forward to a good performance from your band as you make your debut in Toronto's Pan Alive. I also hope that the Ontario Steelpan Association can see the wisdom in bringing When Steel Talks to do the media coverage as we did in Montreal... best wishes again

Hi Salah my brother, congrats on another successful panorama appearance.  I must say that your impressive string of wins is becoming a bit ridiculous.  WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE BEAT THIS BAND?  Maybe it is time I throw my hat in the ring and seek an opportunity to come disrupt the power house dynasty that you have created.  Do not ever let your guard down as I am always lurking in the shadows.  Peace my brother! Good job!

Yes Foy my brother,

you need to bring a band to Montreal for 2012....lets stay in touch nd make it happen...thanks


Hi Bro, I would love to do that but my situation is a bit complex.  Being out here in Seattle, the logistics of getting a band to Montreal is a wee bit challenging.  It is doable, because I do have resources I can bring to bear on the issue.  I am somewhat influential in the pan scene and can quite easily pull a side together, having arranged for most of the bands out here. The problem is, whensoever I spearhead an effort, my colleagues automatically assume that I am going to finance the entire deal.  Everybody expects a free ride.  Anyway, it is not hopeless as I have an entire year to formulate some kind of a strategy.  Stay hopeful my brother!  PS  I have not forgotten that you were going to hook me up with a copy of the old Gay Flamingos recording that has on PRIEST & SAN FERNANDO CARNIVAL.


We have already started working on the 2012 Festival in Montreal and promise that it will be bigger and better.... I have two CD's of "Gay" Flamingoes ...How do I get them to you


Congrats to all the band and participants of the Montreal International Steelpan Festival 2011. You were all great.We look forward to the coverage from When Steel Talks

To Starlift juniors...you all were missed but we will all work very hard to ensure that you all will make a presentation at the 2012 event ...STAY FOCUSED


SALAH Steelband Academy is making an international statement for Steelpan music, Art and Culture. Any Steelband can participate in this  International Steelpan  Festival. This is the very  first Steelpan festival of its kind, continously over the past eleven years. Their are other Steelpan presentations prior to the main event, where different international and local soloist are featured, this year included 12 year old Rashyd Wilson on Soprano. This Festival challenges all Steel Pan Soloist, Steelbands and Supporters to Montreal to celebrate the excellence of the Steel Pan Instrument in the world of Music. When enough steelbands shows interest in participating, this can be one to the best steel Pan Event outside the mecca of pan. Pan Trinbago can be instrumental in supporting their champions steelbands to participate in Qubec for 2012.The International Steel Pan Festival is a vision and hardwork. Congratulations to the Salah and Family, because their hard work is paying rewards; f5 champoinships in Montreal plus 4 in Toronto. This is certainaly a Canadian record.


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