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2014 and the Panman composer still has to struggle with its own people as well as outside to get due recondition for the works they contribute to the art form

We come out to play & Pan in the Atmosphere

 Pan will remain in the Atmosphere  as long as total disloyalty is paid to the panist composers, I personally found many comments towards both tunes was as if it was 1 persons work. But all the WST members only talk about Andy Narrell  well if that is the future of the  WST  steelpan community I sticking were  my customers are spending  and enjoying quality Steelpan music check me at www.jammasteelpan.net

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Nice page, Jamma!  You must keep doin' your thing, while I know you still have the urge to keep your finger on the pulse especially during Panorama, catching up on developments in TnT.  Eventually, the pan world will figure out which way is up.



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