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The show start at 10:00 am and finish at 2:45 am (monday morning) at 11:30 pm people's start leaving the show - only a few hundred die-hard pan fans stay until the show is finish.

My suggestion, stage single bands and small bands for their show - 16 medium bands and 16 large bands is enough for a semi-finals show.

The show must be over by 12:00 midnight so all the bands would get their full support from the audience.

All Stars came on around 12:00 midnight and they were No.9 followed by Solo, Skiffle Bunch, Phase 2, Tropical Angel Harps, Starlift, Fonclaire, Redemption Sound Setters.

Fonclaire and Redemption Sound Setters perform to an almost empty Grand Stand and North Stand but they put on a high energy spirited performance. What do you think?



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Royce, they tried exactly as you suggested and the show ended the same time (2.00 am) some years ago, what is the difference?

To many small bands were taking up invaluable time that caused the large bands to play late during the evenings and early the next morning. Whats needed to be done is to start the large bands first and let the small bands play last. Inthis way, everyone will be able to hear the best bands in the country play first without any problems. I don't think many patrons care much about hearing the small bands play. Or the next option is to have just 10 small bands play. That is just pick 10 from the preliminaries (judge them in the panyard).

Great idea. I fell asleep and did not hear Fonclaire. Medium an Large bands on Sunday. Small bands on Saturday. It makes more sense, and that is why no one at Pan Trinbago thought of it. I also believed that better results would come from the judges. They too must have fallen asleep to give those kind of scores and leave out Despers. On a more positive note, every band that crossed the stage were already winners. Keep Pan Alive!!! Stop the competition.

I am not sure, but I think that they have different JUDGES for the small, medium and large bands, if they dont then they should


They do have different panels of judges, one for each category.

You said. 32 bands is it.

We have to show emphaty to the small bands for they must be heard and seen on the big stage also.  However, in a show of this magnitude, Pantrinbago must have a producer and labour support to manage the movement of bands effectively.  No time wasting from start to finish.  We must be prepared to put on a show for a limited period, not to put on a show and it finishes when the last band comes on stage.  That is not good enough.

We have got to set time lines and endeavour to stay as close as possible to our targeted time.  We must be prepared to manage a show.  The tail must not wag the dog.  When are we going to strive for professionalism? We must have somebody responsible and competent to produce this world class event.

I totally agree that almost 15hours is way too long for one event to last.  For each individual band to have equal support from their followers the length of  time of this competition must be reduced. Most importantly no one judge can truly say that their scoring remains spot on for the entire duration of the show, it is bound to affect their focus and as a result the proper scores awarded to all bands. The answer, however, is not to separate the single and small bands from the medium and large bands. In my opinion it will be unfair to the smaller bands as well as their supporters. My belief is that the amount of bands in the four categories should be reduced. Maybe ten in each category will reduce the overall time of the competition by approximately three hours. This may just be better for all concerned, especially for the judges and of course more accurate results.What do you think Royce?

They must come up with a movable conveyor belt stage/platform type assembly that allows the next band to setup and prepare while the current band is performing  - come on T&T we have bright and inventive technicians..

This way we can have a 5-10 minute interlude between performances enough for patrons officals to take a bath break etc.

They need to enforce the time limit given for the next band to start their selection and impose a signiicant penalty for abusers.

With the point spread so little in the results - no band leader would want to loose a point because they are not organized.

I would like to see a panorama weekend.

Single pan bands and Small bands on Friday night.

Medium bands on a Saturday

Large bands on Sunday.

All their supporters would have the honour /pleasure of seeing their bands playing on the big stage in the savannah.

 Absolutely no sound systems allowed and the whole thing recorded on DVD and Audio CD. Provided an organisation like WST can do the sound.

Rhythm sections can be located elsewhere in the savannah, if that's what limers want, it big enough.

I would also like to see musically accomplished foreign judges. People who know music and are qualified to judge music.

To add a bit of spice to it all I would have captains and arrangers judge each other not necessarily on the night but after listening in separate sound boxes without knowing which bands they are listening to. You could call it “what I thought of you” or if that’s too much for you then have a people’s choice voting system.


A weekend of competition, with DVDs and audio CDs for sale worldwide including individual downloadable tracks, it would bring a welcome financial gift to the performers.


The problem internet audiances have is interupted streams, very poor (knowledge wise) radio announcers. Boy they does spout some rubbish!

Truth is nobody in T&T have the balls to pull it off. Apart from the Mayor. It will be worth being on the avenue J'ouvert morning.




Very well put Randisc, there should be a weekend of pan and pre-final competitions. At the last Pan trinbago meeting the small bands demanded that there should be an increase i the number of bands chosen from the preliminary round from 14 to 18. the reason was because there were more small bands in the competition. THEN IT WOULD FOLLOW THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE LOTS OF FOLLOWERS, and their competition should be held on a separate night.

I can only imagine that if you split the days few would attend the small bands and they would run at a loss.  (ie ticket sales wouldn't make up for the duplication of costs for running the event twice).  At any rate, I liked it.  I envision being able to attend one day.  Not sure if the players mind, and am assuming there are different judges for each category, so on this one I disagree.  (It's not about us)


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