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The show start at 10:00 am and finish at 2:45 am (monday morning) at 11:30 pm people's start leaving the show - only a few hundred die-hard pan fans stay until the show is finish.

My suggestion, stage single bands and small bands for their show - 16 medium bands and 16 large bands is enough for a semi-finals show.

The show must be over by 12:00 midnight so all the bands would get their full support from the audience.

All Stars came on around 12:00 midnight and they were No.9 followed by Solo, Skiffle Bunch, Phase 2, Tropical Angel Harps, Starlift, Fonclaire, Redemption Sound Setters.

Fonclaire and Redemption Sound Setters perform to an almost empty Grand Stand and North Stand but they put on a high energy spirited performance. What do you think?



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The Large category should be subjected to a preliminary round of judging. I suggest they be judged in their panyards to save on having to secure an appropriate venue for all of them. Whittle them done to 12 for the semis which would cut the show by at lease 2 hours. and Field 8 in the Finals. It is unfair that all other bands have to face a prelim and the large bands just saunter into a semi. Having a prelim will also make for more intense competition since no one wants to stay in their panyard.

i think so too, most should be 25 bands, so do something

Combining, small medium and large bands semi-finals is too long for the audience, the participants any other stakeholder that comes to mind except the bars and the food stalls.  Small bands semis should be held separately from the large bands.

My say on this is Start on saturday morning @ 9.00 am finish at  11.00 pm.

Them start at 9.00 am sunday morning and go untill 11:00 pm.

I am in agreement as to staging the single pan and  small bands competition on a another day

I say we need more discipline on the track and stage. Why can't pantrinbago get people To roll on and off the bands and in so doing we'll have a faster movement on the stage. Allow the bands to play while in movement and if they want to make money charge 60 - 80 TT dollars. The people on the track are more the Pan lovers. 

Great idea!!!! That is the easy part,how do we implement this, it may take another hundred years with the present administration.

I agree that the duration of the show or the competition is much too long.    I agree that the competition for the single and small bands should be held on the previous weekend.   I am of the opinion that 16 Medium and 16 Large Bands are still too many for one session .   A way must be found to reduce the number of Semi-finalists.     And what about the Judges having to give their full attention for 15 Hours.  That is Crazy.     The Steelband Competitions should not run for more than eight Hours in any one session.

A solution to this problem must be found by Pan Trinbago.              Ian Lambie

I think it is very disheartening to hear people still talking about small bands as if they don't matter quite as much as the larger ones. ALL BANDS that are good enough to have made it to the semi-finals deserve a fair hearing by the judges and the audience. 49 bands performing all in one day is not too much for the home of the steelpan. 

What needs to improve is the stage management and the punctuality. Semis was supposed to start at 9am not so? But it did not. Everything took too long to get on and off the stage. Perhaps the people fighting to get into the North Greens might have been better employed as impromptu stage hands to get the bands set up faster?

Sometimes Pantrinbago behaves as if they dont have any sense. Its so simple, just have the semi finals of the Medium Bands and the Large Bands on the Sunday. They must be considerate, and understand that they drain people mentally and pysically with these long drawn out hours. Find another time to entertain the small bands. This is not rocket science!  I hope this dotishness dont continue in the future!


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