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A JAMAICAN VICE PRESIDENT in the WHITE HOUSE -- I could live with SUSAN RICE being the VEE PEE!!!

BIDEN under real pressure with this pick!!! KAMALA HARRIS was the FRONT RUNNER for a long time but some influential DEMOCRATIC forces are moving against her now. And she wants it too bad. Beyond that, she has some character flaws that take the steel out of her back. 

From a purely political standpoint, if the aim is to BEAT DONALD TRUMP -- ELIZABETH WARREN is the BEST CHOICE. But there is too much political pressure on BIDEN for him to make that choice -- so he has to GO BLACK. 

I see it as a little risky going against a RACIST LIKE TRUMP who still has the numbers on his side -- that bluff that he is pulling complaining about mail in ballots could very well be the weapon that he uses to win another four years to the shocking dismay of DEMOCRATS. (If you really sit down and look at THE NUMBERS -- with a very simple strategy and some BIG SPENDING, TRUMP COULD EASILY WIN THIS ELECTION.)

I would not want to be in Biden's shoes right now with all that pressure coming from all sides. In the end he will have to cave and take the risk with a BLACK FEMALE CHOICE -- in which case I am going with THE YANKEE JAMAICAN GRAND CHILD.

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Susan Rice would be an awful choice. Where are you getting this information from? I hope the source who fed your initial "COVID is fake" back in March is not your source of info on this subject.  The Susan Rice / Clinton relationship is one of serious concern. Her son is a stone cold racist. He may even make Trump look like an anti-racist.

Claude you need to check your info again. 



I eh going no where ... there is a SMALL PICTURE and a BIG PICTURE!!! (ESPECIALLY with THE COVID THING!!!)

But since we are here and we always talk about FILM (FLIM in TRINIDAD) I want you to check out the TURKISH CRIME DRAMA on NETFLIX -- BLACK MONEY!!! Doh mind the 160+ episodes -- but if you look at it CRITICALLY it is like a LECTURE on HOW TO MAKE A FILM since it covers SO MANY ANGLES of "HOW TO WRITE A SUCCESSFUL FILM SCRIPT".

Any young film student who has the gumption to sit through this production could learn quite a lot.

I am only on EPISODE 63 ... but I am committed to make it to THE END!!!

A vice president candidate whose son wears a MAGA hat should be problematic to the Biden campaign. But then again Biden once said that a KKK grand wizard once told him - he (Biden) was a good old boy that he could work with. 



‘It's absolutely serious’: Susan Rice vaults to the top of the VP heap

Rivals [LIKE BUGS] for the vice presidential nod are growing nervous that the former national security adviser has a powerful edge — her relationship with Joe Biden.

Just give Michelle Obama nod and put everything to rest. 


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