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A letter to the Guardian Editor from Keith Anderson: Do they LOVE PAN OR POSITION?

Saturday, May 5, 2018

The current bacchanal in Pan Trinbago is a total disrespect to pan ancestors. It is really dancing on the graves of the men who took police batons on their backs, went to jail, got slashed with white-handled razors, took iron bolts to the body, even “buss heads”, all in the name of pan.

These men made sacrifices to keep the pan afloat. This pulling and tugging in the birthplace of pan is sending the wrong signals to the outside world. What it says is, look where pan reach after 75 years... bacchanal, confusion and comedy played out in the national media. What a shame!

It begs the question: Do officials at Pan Trinbago really love pan or do they love position? It also begs the question: What does the world think about what is going on in pan’s birthplace?


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