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I listened in complete amazement at the rendition of "Woman is Boss" which was sung by Denise Plummer and with which Phase II Pan Groove won the Panorama Championship that year, and, I must admit this Non-Trini Steelband - UNT 2:00 gave a marvelous performance, albeit it sounded close to Phase II's rendition. They captured the spirit and rhythm of the calypso very well, indeed. Would appreciate some info. on the origin and location of this Steelband and who was responsible for the arrangement. Thanks, Claude for posting.

Anthony: I think that the arrangement was done by MARK FORD (UNIVERSITY OF NORTH TEXAS College of Music) who is a WORLD CLASS percussionist and MARIMBA ARTIST.

The same question came to my mind when I heard the performance: Who arranged that CALYPSO?


Thanks, Claude for your insightful clarification. Your prolific and interesting postings of topics relevant to WST is very much appreciated. Keep up the good work!

Two things intrigued me about the recording. But I can only tell you about one.

The level at which THE DRUMMER was recorded really got my attention and at times I felt as if he was all I was trying to listen to instead of all musical movements taking place above him. I really like that particular SOCA BEAT!!!

You broached on the other element but from a bit of different perspective.

It is time for a STEELBAND from TRINIDAD to be out there SHOWING THE MUSIC from CITY to CITY around the world. And a HIGH QUALITY MUSIC DIRECTOR (and I MEAN HIGH QUALITY) is an absolute NECESSITY.

Claude the last time I checked (more than10 yrs ago) Panyard inc was transcribing the panorama arrangements to written music and selling them. That is what you are hearing here.



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