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Exodus speaks on the outcome of their recent court case versus Pan Trinbago

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love it


Exodus, let's not get carried away here.  I fully agree that Pan Trinbago's poor handling of the matter left the learned judge no choice.  However, if we take a dispassionate look at the situation, we will see that last Sunday a panel of judges determined that Rag World, based on the arrangement, performance, rhythm and tone, had amassed enough points to send it to the Finals ahead of the 5 other competitors. They judged the tune presented by Exodus, not Exodus.  No adjudication panel determined that Savannah Grass should go through to the Finals. If they want to be irritants, the 4 bands that were left out can claim that Savannah Grass did not beat them, and so they should be in the Finals.  Ridiculous, ain't it? May the best competitor win on Sunday!

Hi Ian, I beg to differ from you here. I am suggesting that the judges awarded points based on the song that was performed. The 4 bands were defeated by that presentation. In the finals, the judges should be listening to all the bands as new offerings. They all start at '0', the previous offering have nothing to do with it. The judges also offer comments on the tunes to tell bands what they are looking for. The bands can choose to ignore or take the advice given. In this case Exodus chose to go a different direction which is their right and each band has the same right. Each band has the right to make any change that they believe would give them the best chance to win. That's why they are in the competition.

Shows lots of class.Well done EXODUS.

Well said!

Allyuh see EXODUS come out and make a BURY THE HATCHET STATEMENT and they gone back to doing what dey was doing since BEVERLEY was a LITTLE GIRL in TOBAGO.

But BEVERLEY still out there telling the world that she did them  a favour by NOT APPEALING!!!

In her mind she is still IN CONTROL of the situation cutting EXODUS some slack by NOT APPEALING!!!

I still blame THE EXECUTIVE members around BEVERLEY ... because they should know better!!! 

And I am waiting for an OFFICIAL STATEMENT from BEVERLEY and PAN TRINBAGO!!!


  you think the previous gang wouild have gone to court?

That is a hard question. You know that DIAZ and FORTEAU always look for a CUT in everything before they acted. I think it would have boiled down to the relationship between DIAZ and AINSWORTH.


Enough said, Boom.

Boogsie has about 1 minute left in his arrangement to continue his creativity.

Seems to me both sides LOST in this experience/experiment, paying high price lawyers comes with a COST.

Who is really seeking progress for PAN Musicians???

David Rudder - Welcome To Trinidad



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