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Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Pan Trinbago Inc. T.C. is a social and cultural body, incorporated by an act of Parliament, Act 5 of 1986 that clearly states its role and function which is further enhanced by cabinet minute no. 2007 of August 7, 1997 - Arrangements for Carnival 1998 and beyond.

Suddenly, in 2017 leading up to the national festival which is Carnival, where the organization produces the national Panorama competition as is the custom, to be a major part of the Carnival, the government of the day through the Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts, and the National Carnival Commission (NCC), is hell bent on usurping the role of Pan Trinbago and the two other major interest groups in the national festival and the authority given to them by the acts and the cabinet note of 1998.

Pan Trinbago views this as an infringement of the right to enjoy the fullness of our heritage instrument that was carved out through blood, sweat and tears by our pioneers who suffered humiliation and disrespect by the very society who labelled them rouges and vagabonds and outcasts. Today, after long and continuous struggles and sacrifices to develop this, our indigenous art form, and bring the entertainment and the performance aspect of the industry to an established level of acceptance, whilst we continue to aggressively pursue the production and manufacturing lines of a product that we have nurtured and developed from nothing to a potential billion dollar industry.

Suddenly, to them, we are unable to manage anything, and a forensic audit will be done on Pan Trinbago after the Carnival. We are not averse to any audit. However, for the past twenty years, Pan Trinbago has been providing our members and the line ministry including the National Carnival Commission with an audited statement which shows the state of our finances. Unlike the NCC, who have not had a financial audit into its accounts since 2004, and is in debt of over two hundred million dollars (TTD).

- See more at: http://www.panonthenet.com/news/2017/jan/media-release-pan-trinbago...

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This Pan Trinbago Executive really think pan players and pan lovers STUPID!! Now they want to use the pan as an instrument to continue 'grand theft'. No where does it say that these current officials of PanTrinbago MUST be the only people to head the organization. If you are holding these positions and the membership is not happy with your performance. Then simply STEP DOWN and let the organization try to do better without you. If you are fighting to keep these positions it its obvious that there is some BENEFIT TO YOU. If you love pan sooooooo MUCH, then join a band and play like everybody else. LET OTHERS RULE. IS THIS EXECUTIVE BRIGHTER AND SMARTER THAN EVERYBODY ELSE IN TRINIDAD? Are you telling me that if they do not manage PAN will CEASE TO EXIST?

Ray: Over ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY MILLION DOLLARS passed through their hands (and I eh talking about salaries and benefits and bonuses, eh) in the last three years and they are still FORTY MILLION IN DEBT and could not pay PAN MEN $1000 each.

Would you walk away from that job? And do you know that the NCC is going to PAY THEM to PRODUCE PANORAMA on top of all that?

These guys are going to fight to the DEATH to keep control of that organization.

No one making noise about NCC, don't try to deflect heat.


That’s a bucket of manure (or a crock of S**t)  that they put forward (once again), and they know that everyone knows that it stinks!  Mentioning the names of other organizations is simply an insidious attempt to conflate the issues at hand.  They need to cease and desist.

The infringement they should be alluding to, in fact, admitting to, is their utter failure to function as a viable transparent organization (with its attendant checks & balances) and their complete disregard for the welfare of all the hardworking pan men and pan women whose interests they are supposed to represent.  Enough is enough. The end is not just near. It is here!


This is about a forensic audit that will be done on that organization which will determine if any misappropriation of funds occurred and which will clearly ascertain all who were responsible and all who should be held accountable.


Uncle always said :-)  Those who have nothing to hide hide nothing.  So Cecil, let us encourage dem fellas to enjoy the Panorama/Carnival, to relax, and to allow the auditors to do their job.

If the audit reveals a bunch of thieves, crooks, fraudsters, liars, swindlers, and cheats, bent on dishonesty, trickery, malfeasance, theft, fraud, deceitfulness, and larceny, we may be able to supplement and reinforce (not supplant) “Pan in the Countryside” with “Pan in Prison”.  :-)   :-)


[ODW, wha bout The Power of Pan?  :-) ]

The end is not just near. It is here!

Dr. deLight: The end is VERY FAR from near. Even today, Dr. Dolly said that she will try to get the audit done BY SEPTEMBER. SEPTEMBER is a very long way OFF when you look at all the drama that unfolded over the last three months!!!

You have had your finger on the pulse of this fiasco for the longest time.
And I have to agree –– September is indeed a long way off.
But if that be the case, then perhaps an investigation into the efficiency and efficacy of Dr. Dolly's ministry may be what is actually required.

Dr. deLight: The real truth is that NOBODY in the WORLD would love to see an efficient and technologically current and corrupt free and  GLOBE SPANNING PAN TRINBAGO organization more than me. I would even love to be a part of a PAN TRINBAGO GLOBAL MARKETING team residing outside of Trinidad pushing the music and music performance.

But I GREW UP IN TRINIDAD!!!! And although I was NEVER DESPERATE in that land, I always looked LONG and HARD at the desperation on the island. And when you put a desperate man like KEITH DIAZ with his background (street smarts combined with very astute political skills) -- you are not going to root him out unless you have somebody who understands his thinking. I sat and watched Keith Diaz mamaguy all those BIG PROFESSORS in UWI and fool all those world recognized ethnomusicologists at the ICP and run circles around THE NEW VISIONARIES and the judges in the courts and make Gregory Lindsay run all over Port-of-Spain telling everybody that he get KEITH DIAZ to resign only to break thousands of hearts all over the world and don't talk about the 10,000 Pan Men (minus 2 or 3) in Trinidad who are still willing to vote for him in the next election -- and all I could do is tip my hat to the man.

(Talent is talent -- they make movies about gangsters, don't they.)

Because, all along, I knew that all KEITH DIAZ has on his mind is STEALING AS MUCH of the PAN TRINBAGO FUNDS and generating MORE FUNDS TO STEAL.

How could that have been a secret to the rest of the world still befuddles me!!!

Two very telling and significant lines have been dropped by the PAN TRINBAGO strategists in the last few months -- and that is all everybody had to listen to in the midst of all the emotions and the chatter.

Keith Diaz has repeated that PAN TRINBAGO is a DEMOCRATICALLY run organization. I have taken that line and repeatedly explained it in so many different ways -- but like you are the only one who had an uncle to harbor your brain at the right age.

The next line came from the PRO and he said that Dr. Dolly will long be OUT OF POLITICS while he and the PAN TRINBAGO executive will continue to reign supreme.

In an interview today the Indian TV Host ask Doctor Dolly if she knew that she was flirting with POLITICAL SUICIDE trying to oust KEITH DIAZ. That host got good political insight!!! Doctor Dolly means well -- but she is a SCHOOL GIRL.

So all the news and articles and TV interviews and discussions that have taken place about PAN TRINBAGO over the last NINE YEARS could be summarized in the two significant lines I just identified. Every thing else you read is irrelevant -- including my posts!!!

In the middle of all this, what I resent most is the long line of WANNABE LEADERS drooling at the chance to pull down KEITH DIAZ and replace him with the identical mindset -- something Patrick Ramdoo always mentions.

Yet, I am surprised that a few local PAN MEN can't get together and start an internet war against KEITH DIAZ making the attacks on him so TOXIC that the GOVERNMENT will be forced to step in and take action and remove him one way or another. Of course they will have to step on a few toes, as I have said so many times before. Hell, I could handle that project with just the slightest bit of help. So why not the long line of candidates who will directly benefit by replacing him and cashing in on the HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS.

"Yet, I am surprised that a few local PAN MEN can't get together and start an internet war against KEITH DIAZ making the attacks on him so TOXIC that the GOVERNMENT will be forced to step in and take action and remove him one way or another."

How can they Claude, when clearly they want to opportunity to do the very same thing that they accuse Diaz of? If one of the proposals of this year's Panorama Competition from the UPPM was to pay players a $1,000.00 stipend for each round then it is clear that they only wanted to get their hands on the cookie jar too. Do you think they would want to enforce a one-man-one-band rule for both players and arrangers? Do you think they would want to deal with the new trend of "Crews" that go cap-in-hand to "assist bands that don't have enough players"? Contrary to your point "they will not want to step on a few toes" simply because they want the support of Panmen and women who are already spoilt by anyhowness and the understanding that doing less could achieve more.

To me it is clearly a case of "putting mongoose to watchman chicken egg"...

In the words of my deceased boss of many years ago, Lloyd Best,..."we in serious trouble here"...

Time to collect these gangstas passports.


 More power to U "who feels it knows it more" Bob Marley

Trinidad All Stars - The Power of 'Pan' Music

Lord Kitchener - The Power of Music

Peter, the executive of Pan Trinbago feel that they alone smart and all others are chuppid, when crook get tie-up he naming all the rest ah crooks.

I'm disappointed that Minister Dolly gave all that time for the audit, that's ah 2-3 months job, PT is not a large company, like she want this thing to die down or what?

Pan People in the Mecca are into their Panorama and doh give ah shit about Diaz and his people, lets see how long they have to wait for their money this year.


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