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A Moment in Pan - Honoring All Pan Tuners - Yesterday and Today November 7

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Sherman: How come you did not ADD -- PATRICK ARNOLD or GERARD CLARKE?

While I was writing my wife called from NYC so I had to stop but thanks 4 bringing them up. We also have Roland "Dinners" Inniss, "Big" Jim MC lean,Leslie Jordan, "Madman" Jordan,Lennox Jordan,"Yoyo"George Kallicharan,,"Double Ears" Elder,"Baylay"don't know his real name so he may have been mentioned.,,Cliff Alexis, Lawrence "Eager" Myers,Gerald Forsythe,.Herman "Rock" Johnson., I don't think Vernon "Birdie" Mannette was mentioned.......ah tired

If I am not mistaken, I think Baylay's name is Patrick Worrell.


Rudolf King, Mr Jordan (Brokeoh)

Thank u guys. Now that u've said it Baylay is WORRELL. Is Rudolph King ,"W0lf",Broko Jordan isMadman's brother isn't he? I think Lennox Jordqn is Madman's son. He's d one in Australia

Clifford Alfred - Pan Tuner



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