Good day to all. Please allow me to Introduce some of what I do. I created and manage a race called Run Diego Martin now for 6 years. The top athletes across the Caribbean compete alongside T&T's best and also amateurs. Many sponsors partner with Us to make this run an annual success. Caribbean Airlines, Dasani, AMCO, Angostura, Powerade, Nestle, Unlimited Events, Zoom, Loreal, SIS and others. We create value for our sponsors promoting their brands and contribute to the community simultaneously. My works speak for me not just my words. Any questions regarding my commitment to offer my skills as PRO to Pantrinbago and the fraternity at large please contact me on fb or call me at 6873823. All the best brothers and sisters. I am pleased to be part of the most competent team lead by Mr Keith Byer the most competent option for President. TEAM PAN (Progressive And New).


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  • but he is open.
  • He is full of ideas
  • I'm impressed with this young man simply because he is open to ideas, he's a good listener.
  • Correct me if I am wrong.  But I  always  thought that the goal of Pan Trinbago is to make Pan (music and hardware) a viable economic venture. How could this ever come close to reality without the infusion of big private investment.  I am yet to hear any mention of of that reality. Can't talk global expansion without serious economic expansion. Can't talk economic expansion without capital.

  • Fuad: In your capacity as PRO of PAN TRINBAGO, how do you plan to gain access to the MEDIA so the job of rebuilding the severely tarnished image of PAN TRINBAGO could be fast tracked? And on the GLOBAL FRONT, are you aware of the VAST POOL OF EXPAT RESOURCES (PAN LOVING HUMAN RESOURCES -- people like bugs and salah wilson and cecil hinkson) spread around THE WORLD? What is your PUBLIC RELATIONS PLAN to bring all this HUMAN CAPITAL under ONE PAN UMBRELLA working as a UNITED TEAM?

    And my last question!!! The PAN PLAYERS in TRINIDAD are treated like SLAVES. In your capacity as PRO you have been elected to represent THEIR BEST INTEREST. You are their PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER FIRST before anybody else. How do you plan to brings BENEFITS (including material benefits) to the PLAYERS in your capacity as PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER?

  • Mr. Bakr: I am an EXPAT!!! And I think that GLOBAL RELATIONS OFFICER is more important than PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER. How do you plan to take the PAN TRINBAGO message to a GLOBAL AUDIENCE?

    As I have proposed many times on this FORUM, I think that a MARKETING DIRECTOR in PAN TRINBAGO is more CRITICAL TO CONTRIBUTION than a PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICER.

    But in your capacity, as PRO of PAN TRINBAGO, I would like to hear how YOU could benefit the ORGANIZATION? Give me ONE SPECIFIC PROJECT that you would implement which would bring BENEFIT to PAN PLAYERS.

    And since we have NO SPACE LIMITATIONS on THIS FORUM -- I will take the LONG ANSWER!!!

    • The title PRO is not limited. The office may extend to cover international promotion or international public relations. If it does not encompass international marketing of our brand and products we will develop a specific unit to do so. It is a bonus to have a team that is as qualified as ours, it leaves us requiring less outsourced skills than most of our contenders.

      Our organisation must be structured to achieve certain goals and benchmarks. I agree that a Marketing director is critical. 

      One project I discussed with the team is securing the future local market for our national instrument. We take note of the low patronage of youths at Pan events across our nation. We realise that to secure the future of PAN a renewed campaign must be launched to develop interest and popularity of the instrument, its music and culture among youth. Events must also be tailored to draw them in. 

      On an international scale we have discussed the establishment of Ambassadors and Pioneers who will target international markets and open new ground for Pan to grow. As you said International Marketing is key. 

      I am open to your ideas that may assists in our development. Our wider membership has a lot of great ideas, skills, connections and competencies. I will be a PRO and further we will be an executive that is willing to listen and harness these skill for the benefit of all. 

      • This is a GOOD EXCHANGE. But now I want you to go and answer MR. BUGS question and then I will have some further extensions to my questions!!!

        But ah have to TELL YOU that this is the FIRST TIME since I have been on THIS FORUM that I am getting some MEANINGFUL ENGAGEMENT from THE GROUND.

        However, I want you to get down to the NITTY GRITTY with me.

        But answer BUGS first. And then we will continue!!!

  • Thanks Fuad for coming on the forum. Healthy discussions are needed.

    • Thank you. I look forward to it. 

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