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A PRO who understands where Pantrinbago needs to Go! Fuad Abu Bakr.

Good day to all. Please allow me to Introduce some of what I do. I created and manage a race called Run Diego Martin now for 6 years. The top athletes across the Caribbean compete alongside T&T's best and also amateurs. Many sponsors partner with Us to make this run an annual success. Caribbean Airlines, Dasani, AMCO, Angostura, Powerade, Nestle, Unlimited Events, Zoom, Loreal, SIS and others. We create value for our sponsors promoting their brands and contribute to the community simultaneously. My works speak for me not just my words. Any questions regarding my commitment to offer my skills as PRO to Pantrinbago and the fraternity at large please contact me on fb or call me at 6873823. All the best brothers and sisters. I am pleased to be part of the most competent team lead by Mr Keith Byer the most competent option for President. TEAM PAN (Progressive And New).

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I will be asking you some PERTINENT QUESTIONS as we move along!!!

Thanks, I am impressed by the site.

Trinidad Bill Rat Race...for Pan dominance

Nu-tones "Rat Race"

Interesting song. I am not interested in any rat race. I offer my skills to make a meaningful contribution. Most of the contenders in this election have had positive interactions with me in CIP and otherwise. I did a lot quietly then and noisily at times to bring about change. Whoever goes into office should know to act in the best interest of the membership or face a similar fate. Leadership is action, not position. 

Leadership is accountability, how are you going to take a bankrupt organization and turn it into a profitable entity?

Very pleased to see you Mr.Fuad Abu Bakr here on the WST forum. 

In your estimation where does Pan Trinbago need to be one year from now? And how will you and your team get it there?


bugs: It breaks MY HEART to offer you ANY KIND of COMPLIMENT!!! But I think that you are TREATING ALL THE CANDIDATES EQUALLY -- unlike me who thinks that THE GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS is the ONLY LEGITIMATE BASKET BALL TEAM in THE WORLD!!!

How is that for a NON SEQUITUR?

I don't want to answer for Mr. Abu Bakr, but one year from now Pan Trinbago, like the Galleon's Passage, still needs fixin'. Forensic Audit must be reviewed.

Thanks for the question. Pantrinbago needs to be functional within a year. Our motto is making Pan work for you. I will add making Pantrinbago work for you, the members. This will guide our actions throughout our time in the executive.

The true position of Pantrinbago needs to be communicated to the membership. Its Liabilities and Assets. We commit to bring transparency to Pantrinbago's operations within a year. We would have met with members to chart a course for the organisation's operations and the framework for a more functional organisation.

We have objectives to better Market our artform. Teams, Ambassadors and communication linkages would be made within a year.  We have a goal of empowering steel bands through education and finance so they can be more successful in the community initiatives many already fulfill. This can also be started within a year. 

Thank you for your answer.

Can you give an example as to how you will market the art-form better?  

And can Pan Trinbago truly pursue both the needs of the bands management and the interest of the players simultaneously?


Our understanding of marketing goes beyond advertising. We will develop entertainment products in partnership with other stakeholders in the industry. Our establishment of Ambassadors and Pioneers empowered by Pantrinbago to carry our products and brands to target markets is a new development that we believe will bear fruit. 

I am confident that Pantrinbago can find middle ground. Sometimes we view things as competing interests when they are not necessarily so. We will encourage managers to work in the best interest of their players. We will set the example from the top. We will be an executive that is working for our membership. Sometimes a spark gets a fire going. 

Thanks Fuad for coming on the forum. Healthy discussions are needed.


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