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A ship without a captain (be it good or bad) cannot sail. - by Leon Foster Thomas

To my dear Pan people, A ship without a captain (be it good or bad) cannot sail. With what's going on with pantrinbago right now, let not start running about like chickens with our heads cut off or better yet, running our mouths too premature. There seems to be more to come out after the VPs resignation. Let's first be patient and gather all the facts. Let the system fully purge itself. When that's done, let's take our time and choose wisely on who we want to represent us in the future. We as pan people have a say and we must do it intellegently and as a unified body. There are a lot of people that wants to be president of pantrinbago, but are just a different face with the same attitude as the present. In the meantime let's run our mouth on ideas on how to be unionized where we can have a greater say as Pan Players.

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Pan People has be misrepresented for too long and it's because they were silent and allow themselves to be taken advantage off,"get up, stand up, stand up for yuh rights.

Waiting for the changing of the guard.

Amen,Amen and Amen. Concise but what a punch, there is no substitute truth... different players same game.

Very interesting indeed.

Quick question .

I wonder , do pan players in different bands hold their representatives at Pan Trinbago responsible for their actions , votes , etc. or lack thereof ?

For this thing to work , players HAVE to be involved , and holding their reps accountable would be a good start.

After all , they ( the band representatives) are the ones who vote !

Glenroy I agree with you that the players must be involved, but the current setup will not work. The management owns all the instruments and facilities. Pan Trinbago represent the bands. The players need their own union. 


Oh , I agree with you , Bugs.
That's why I thought that exploring the idea of a players association was a good idea.
And that was why I wondered then if the bands may have different agendas than the players.
And what I was getting at when I was asking the question if the only ones not being paid were the players.

( And it doesn't matter how payments to arrangers , tuners , truckers etc . get paid , most of the money comes from the same source , since I assume that some of the panorama funding ,including prize money comes from the government in most cases , except for funding by sponsors) .
I was kind of hinting that it seemed that only the players were getting screwed , because they had no voice.

Glenroy, the players are the most important people here and they don't have a voice, things will remain the same until the players wake up and get organize.

Absolutely agree, but in some bands, players are held hostage by their mgmt. Players don't even know who their reps (some self appointed) are. Players don't even have a voice in their own bands. Most of 'em just 'go along', shaking their heads up and down like elephants in a circus. Give 'em a beer or a cigarette and they 'good to go'.
Players must be educated in the happenings of their own organization, for them to be involved in the larger body

I totally agreed with most of you that the pan man/players need to have a voice, they need to put there heads together and let their voices be heard.   Stand up and be heard.  

Mr. Foster,  I agreed with what you are saying totally.  I wish the pan movement a safe and quick recovery from this.  I Hope a good lesson is learned here. Do not sit back and hope that someone is always going to be honest when money is involved.  

To balance the dynamics involved, Pan Peeps need an "apart" association or better yet, a "Steelpan Trade Union" to move this thing forward...

Now is the ship sinking or we doh really care whether it sink or float ???

The ship sunk a longtime ago, the remains of it lie on a piece of land off the CR highway. All that's missing is the red, white and black flag.

Np, many a sunken ship has been salvaged and restored to sail the seas, again and again.  We even have two types of the flags you ask for to fly the ship's mast...  All Aboard...


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