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In 2017, on this morning, the NCC, abetted by its stakeholder cronies, will again stage a Carnival that studiously ignores everything that happened in the world since then. After demolishing the old Grandstand, calypsonian and politician Winston Peters rebuilt an obsolete viewing stand for horseracing with no reference to modern wisdom informing the creation of an audience platform for a parade.

There is no virtual calypso tent. No reliable authoritative stream of Carnival coverage. No digital downloads of off-the-board recordings of steelband performances. No programming of shows for 21st century expectations.

I find myself in the grip of a crippling heartbreak over this festival, despite never having worn a costume, sung a calypso or beat a pan.

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Taking positive action could ease your tabanca heartbreak.
It is obvious that neither the political directorate nor the stake holders have the training or the vision you write about and that is needed. BUT THEY ARE THE REPRESENTATIVES who are selected and elected  by the people who b'ring' mas, and play pan and, sing calypso, whether we like it or not. Let's stop calling them cronies.
If we continue just criticizing them, they will hunker down and not listen. So what about in the next few days starting a discussion online and in the press making positive suggestions about how you think the carnival could be improved. Perhaps if you made that first move, other qualified citizens may be encouraged to volunteer suggestions. Think about it.

BTW: The demolishing of the old grand stand was a Patrick Manning initiative, as part of his dream to have a Chinese designed Carnival centre. The carnival was moved to the street. Maybe that's where it should be.

Carnival is a part of all that's broken in T&T, I'm afraid just fixing one area will not cut it. It is time for the "big thinkers" to humble themselves and start looking for solutions.

 welcome to tnt

 the tv coverage on ctv was the worse ever

 i guess however some awards will be handed out for the best ever in 2017

  good info by mr scoon  to remind us about the grand stand  demolition by the late pnm  pm manning

 that was when  he was in chinese mode with  udecott   and calder hart to make everything - made in china

In order for me to opine and refer to memories from the '60s I might have to defer to other heads of"State".
When Cavaliers won we were treated to pan on the grounds moving along in front of the Grandstand, in constant progression. In San Fernando they paraded as well and the patrons were a part of the jamming.
All of the bands stopped briefly in front of the judges and played their tunes then moved on.
I believe that Panorama was and can be a moving participatory event , not a static staged presentation with players performing for the small crowds sitting in the stands.
My brother played in Pan Am in those times and most bands played music that patrons could discern what they were playing and not so much noise from the hard knocking of the tenors that the bass section could not be heard.
Maybe it's because the arrangers have to insert too much of virtuosity and style.
The enjoyment of pan is in the sound and not performance or speed of play.
More locals will rally and support our beloved pan, players, and creativity of the blessed arrangers


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