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Story Time with Mr. Sanch – An Invigorating Tribute to Women in Steel

“Pan woman is a panman’s friend and companion; Pan woman is a panman’s friend and inspiration; When man come out to jam and music say “here I am”; woman for man is woman that playing Pan” is the chorus for ‘Pan Woman’ written by @Winsford Devine based on the melody created by @Ray Holman and sung by De Alberto in 1987.

Ray also arranged the song for Exodus which placed eight in the Panorama competition of that year. The @Sanch Electronix Limited Panyard recording is featured as track 6 of the CD Steelband Paradise released in 1994 by @Delos Music. It forms part of my extraordinary journey with Amelia Haygood and Carol Rosenberger, two female American entrepreneurs who fell in love with Pan and are partially responsible for its acceptance as a mainstream instrument today by propagating music through the ‘Caribbean Carnival Series’ of compact discs.

Late last year, young female arrangers @Kemi Ible and Roisha Edwards initiated an idea conceived by founder and creator of @womenofsteel-tt, @Na-o-mi Frederick. @womenofsteel-tt is an all-female ensemble consisting of a core of eight panists from Trinidad & Tobago with others co-opted from Barbados, Jamaica and Canada. Na-o-mi is the vocalist while @Mia Gormandy-Benjamin, @Stacy G Alcantara and @Briele Scott are also featured. A video was filmed of Kemi and Roisha’s arrangement of ‘Pan Woman’ in F Major with sponsorship by @Pan in Schools Coordinating Council. “These upcoming, gifted pan women have utilized digital technology creatively to issue a profound statement to the global community on the status of Pan” decrees @Ray Holman.

A partnership between @women of Steel-TT and the Steelpan Tuners’ Guild of Trinidad and Tobago (STGTT) could stimulate the 1999 strategic plan for Pan to ensure sustainability in the crucial areas of Technology, Promotion & Logistics, Finance & Economics, Enabling Environment, Marketing & Promotion, Musicians & Organisations, Education & Training and Events & Festivals.

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Exodus Steel Orchestra - " Pan Woman " arranged by Ray Holman (1987)

Pan Woman - Exodus


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